14 May 2014

An amazing yet simple way to support women in Uganda

Hello friends!

I wanted to share some exciting news.  I am working on building a non-profit organization based here in the states that will support education and empowerment to those who need it most.  You can learn a bit more about the program here:  the grow hope foundation  Our first partnership is with an organization in Uganda called SCHEP- Sustainable Community Health Education Program.  With them we hope to educate people in rural Uganda on the importance of hygiene, sanitation and nutrition.  We have already developed a pilot project that I am looking forward to going back and photographing this summer.  But I need your help.  The women in Uganda have been working hard hand making beads to then string into beautiful jewelry.  It is beautiful and I personally wear it all the time.  I have just stocked my shop- tiggy & grace - with so many gorgeous pieces.  ALL PROCEEDS will go directly to the women who made the jewelry, so that they can properly feed their children and send them to school.  It is such a small thing, buying a piece of jewelry, but it makes such an impact on the lives of these women and through them, their children.  Imagine if you could change the trajectory of a child's life by simply buying jewelry.  Oh the possibilities!

Thank you friends!



21 July 2013

In two days I will be heading to Uganda, Africa to move the first 13 kids into the children's home my mama has built there.  If you want to follow along through instagram, where I will be posting photos of my three weeks loving on those gorgeous kids and exploring the Ugandan countryside, follow me at kimberlytaylorimages

It's going to be quite the adventure!  I hope to see you there~


See the progress of the home and where it all began HERE

19 April 2013

speaking of moving...

A dear friend reminded me that I really should ask you to hit the rss feed button just to the right - yep, right over there---->
That way, I can just whisk you away with me when the move does happen~
I hope you all had as lovely a Sunday as I did - a great run this morning and then a movie with the bigs. My "to do" list didn't get any shorter, but instead I had time with two of my very favorite young men.
Have a fabulous week mes amies,

27 June 2012

Would you buy me a coffee?

{This post is from my new website but I felt it was important enough to come back here, seeing as I know some of you haven't been able to follow me over to my new site here}

A coffee- well, actually, a grande soy chai tea latte.  That is my drink of choice these days.  Iced on the rare occasion that the sun shines on us, hot otherwise.  They run just under $5- a clean five when I throw the change into the tip jar.

Five Dollars.

So, if we were out one afternoon and we stopped by a Starbucks, would you offer to buy my coffee?  Because it would cost you $5.

Do you know that if everyone I know and everyone Mr. Taylor knows donated $5 to the online fundraiser for the orphanage my mom is building we could have that security wall built.  Okay, maybe we don't know quite that many people, but if the people we know spread the word and all of their friends also donated $5- well, surely we would finish the wall.  And do you know what happens when the security wall is finished and the home is secured?  THE CHILDREN CAN MOVE IN!!!  Because they have to wait people- they can't move in until it's finished.  They can't sleep in a bed or have a room of their own or live in a place that they can call home.  Because in Uganda, it isn't safe to move the children in and bring in the supplies without a security wall.  And so we wait.  We wait until we can raise the money to finish the wall- and the sooner we raise it the sooner those kids are off the streets.

It's a coffee people.  It is less than a martini.  It is five dollars.

Please visit the fundraising web site and consider donating something- anything.  And then, share the link and the story with your friends.  You have no idea how much it will be appreciated.  It is a couple clicks on your computer, a quick post on facebook or twitter, an email to friends.  It really is so little considering how it will change the life of some children far away.

And, if you need incentive, how about this~

Mr. Taylor has offered to donate one of his bowls every time we raise $1000 I will draw a name from the list of the donors in that $1000 and send the winner a bowl made in our studio by Mr. Taylor.

You can find the blog for the entire project here~

05 January 2011

Giving Back in 2011

Come visit me and be inspired to give back this year!


Happy New Year!

13 December 2010

Photos of India are up!

If you are still visiting this site - I wanted to make sure you knew that the photos from India have been posted on my site!  You can find them at Kimberly Taylor Images

Hit the {portfolio} tab, and then the {photography} tab - the photos are found in the {on adventuring through india} folder~