29 March 2010

dream girls weekend 2010

This past weekend will go down as one of my ALL TIME FAVORITES when it comes to girlfriend weekends. Truly, it was outstanding!

I am not sure that I have laughed that hard in quite a long time. Laughing is one of life's great joys, and honestly, there were tears running down my cheeks on numerous occasions. Truly hysterical.

Tiffany was, as always, the hostess with the mostest. She really does go ALL OUT when she entertains. I can't thank her enough for including me on this truly special weekend~

While I won't write a lot about it - it really can't be summed up in words where anyone would understand as it really was one of those "you just had to be there" times, I wanted to post some photos.

(notice the number of photographers...)

We also decided "what happens in Enumclaw stays in Enumclaw...".

Thank you for an incredibly memorable weekend ladies!

25 March 2010

sixteen? really???

Last weekend #1 turned 16. It is a little bit shocking, especially when I have such good friends who have recently sent me messages with lovely reminders of the sweet things he used to do when he was little. It is amazing how many things I have forgotten - memories that seem so long ago.

He was, of course, my first. He has been the first everything since then when it comes to children. And let me tell you, he could not be a better first - honestly. He is what every parent dreams of when they imagine what their son would be like. He is kind, he is courteous. He is friendly - quick to smile. He is so mature that there are times I wonder if he is really mine... He has such an incredible sense of self, of self-esteem, of what he believes. He has wonderful friends, true friends, good friends. They are great kids and such fun to have around.

He is quick to help when I need it, wonderful (most of the time...) with his brothers, a hard worker. His loyalty runs deep - he doesn't fake his feelings - if he is your friend, he truly is your friend. He is incredibly responsible, reliable, and dependable. I feel incredibly blessed that he is a part of this family.

He had some friends over for the night - some of those really fabulous boys. They ate, they had a bon fire, they ate again. We had stocked up on all of the junk food that #1 likes best. We ordered pizza. We picked up ice cream cake (his favorite). We had s'more fixins. I am sure they were up terribly late - I certainly wasn't awake to see for myself... The next morning we had a big farm house breakfast before they left. It was such fun~

You know, I wouldn't go back to 16 for anything, but it is fun to be a part of it with him.

24 March 2010

Tex Mex deliciousness!

I apologize for being so absent lately. Things have been busy on the farm, I have been in full-planning mode for THE FRANCE TRIP, as well as looking forward to my weekend with some of my favorite ladies this coming weekend. I love when life is rolling along, busy but exciting. I do wish I had more time to post though, as I really do have all sorts of fun things to tell you~

Today was a bit crazy, in an inspired sort of way. I had a few errands, an appointment, and then the day was mine! Lately I had been reading the back-posts of a fabulously inspiring blog written by a hilarious friend of ours (and edited occasionally by her equally amusing husband). She is an incredible cook and there seems to be no end to what she can prepare. Thus, when I came across her "tex-mex" post - something I have never attempted, it looked so amazing that I HAD to see what I could do. I mean, honestly, my family would LOVE it and as I am forever searching for fabulous ideas to please this family's palate, this seemed like just the thing.

~this delicious recipe found here - thanks Kasey!

I found a wonderful tex-mex cookbook with some delicious looking recipes at our local Half-Price Books - one of my favorite bookstores. I decided on what I wanted to make and made a list of what I needed. I hit the grocery and then came home to spend the afternoon playing in the kitchen. It truly was an incredible spring afternoon and once again I remembered what I love most about Seattle. You see, handsome husband and I love our cozy, gray, rainy Seattle days. I love to cook hearty stews, he loves to paint, we read, watch movies, play with the boys, and generally enjoy our wonderful home. But then these gorgeous days appear - far more often than we usually remember. And when that gorgeous sun shines, the people of Seattle truly appreciate it. We are grateful for our beautiful weather. We smile more, there is a bounce in our step, drivers are more patient in traffic, shoppers are courteous at the grocery, far more greetings are passed between strangers. And springtime sunshine? It inspires me to cook party food, summer food, European slow-cooking. It also makes me want a good margarita, or a mojito. Heaven... Don't even get me started on summer fruit - strawberry angel food cake tonight for example~

Handsome husband should be home soon, boys will gather around the table, and with the windows open, we will enjoy a summer-like dinner together. Nirvana, in my opinion~

(oh, and 13 days my friends, 13 days...)

18 March 2010

A give-away!

Gaia over at Alice's adventures in Wonderland is hosting a give-away with one of my prints. She also did an interview - head on over and say hi!

field trip day

Today we woke to the most glorious sunshine. As I had nothing on the calendar, I was excited to spend the day with my sidekick doing something fun. In preparation for my upcoming France trip, I thought a trip to the french bakery in West Seattle was in order. We enjoyed lunch together there, and then walked down the street to the cupcake shop for a treat!

After the cupcake shop, we drove down to Alki beach. The wind was blowing, creating white caps on the east side of the peninsula, but on the west side it was a bit calmer and we were able to walk along the beach, picking up rocks and shells and sitting on driftwood logs. It was a lovely afternoon~

16 March 2010

Etsy Shop Sale!!!

As I am going out of town in just over three weeks, I have decided to have a shop special to celebrate!

If you purchase one print, you may choose a second print for five dollars. This offer does not apply to custom orders~ Simply message me through etsy with the two photos you would like - if the prints are priced differently, the $5 print will apply to the print of lesser value.

I will be closing the shop after the sale until I return from France.

Hurry, the shop will be closing on Tuesday March 23rd~

15 March 2010

french living

This evening, after the wee ones were in bed (not to be confused with actually being asleep...) I was able to catch up on some of my favorite blogs, seeing as I haven't had much time lately to do so.

I came across this post on one of my favorite blogs - as if she didn't pull me in immediately with the word "France" in the title... The photos were fabulous (you know I am a bit of a drooler when it comes to inspiring photos) and so I had to go visit the photographer himself.

Jordi Canosa is an incredibly talented photographer and is now on my go-to list of photographers that inspire. I love his perspective and the fact that he shoots amazing homes and hotels in beautiful locations inspired me even more.

All of these photos are from France - some are homes, some are hotels, all are stunning. I love how incredibly casual and comfortable they are. It is as if there must be a warm breeze scented with lavender floating through the windows at all times. Can't you just feel it?

12 March 2010

when I grow up...

~photo by evgenia messenger

Am I the only one that asks myself "what do I want to be when I grow up"? Or, maybe, it is more like "whom do I want to be"...

These past few years have been filled with such growth, and it continues daily. I can go weeks at a time without really thinking about it, and then, suddenly, something enters my life that makes me ask the question again. Such is the case with Christina Dickson - an inspiring photographer who found her path at an incredibly young age. I found her in the spring edition of Boho magazine. By day she is a wedding photographer - and a talented one at that. However, when she isn't shooting happy couples, she is shooting very different subjects. She shoots the challenged, the homeless, and most recently, she traveled to India to shoot the beauty of the people of that country. This girl inspires me.

~photo by evgenia messenger

I dream of traveling to foreign lands - I have said it before, and I will continue to say it in hopes that in putting it "out there" it will bring the dream to fruition. I want to shoot women, women of different cultures, different races, different ages, with different beliefs.

I seem to be surrounded by incredibly inspiring women. One such friend has been nearly everywhere. If she had a web site, I would happily share it with you. I will - when she gets it up and going. No pressure Ev... All of the photos in this post are hers. They are the stuff of dreams for me~ wait until you see the rest of them!

~the photographer herself

And then there is talk. Of a project - a project to start something that empowers women with a skill that in turn gives them independence. Talk by a girl that doesn't just talk, she does. She is amazing, and if anyone will make this happen, it is she. And I dream of shooting it - shooting it all, the entire process. A dream come true, really. And so I think positive thoughts, and dream of busy streets, and vibrant colors, of spicy foods and beautiful people.

~photo by evgenia messenger

I know it will happen. One day opportunity will knock, and I can't wait to open the door. But for now, I will count down until France, and feel so incredibly blessed~


11 March 2010

less than four weeks until Paris!

I'm getting giddy. Really truly excited.

I am heading to Paris in less than four weeks with one of my besties. We are meeting one of my oldest friends (okay, she isn't old - we have just been friends forever) there.

Three girls, three days, in Paris.

can. not. wait.

Kasey and I will then take the train to Avignon for three more days. We booked our tickets yesterday.

In Avignon, we will meet Pierre, our new friend. We already *heart* Pierre. We will have a car in Avignon to explore the area. We booked the car yesterday as well. I wonder how far we will explore...?

We are staying in an old Mas, or farmhouse while in Avignon. It looks absolutely beautiful~

After Avignon, I will say goodbye to Kasey - she will head back to Paris, I will head to Toulouse to see another amazing friend. I will spend a week with her, hopefully improving my french. Hopefully.

I feel quite confident that there will be endless adventures (and probably all sorts of trouble) to be had in Toulouse. Have I mentioned that I am giddy?