31 October 2009

Finally, a Funky Junk Show post...

I don't know why it took me so. very. long. to get this post out. I had the photos edited the day after the show, but getting the post itself together just wasn't happening. Alas, as it was such a GREAT show, I definitely want to share these photos with you.

The show itself, organized and orchestrated by the very talented (and ambitious - a show of this size is nothing short of amazing) Funky Junk Sisters. They were so kind to let me in early on Friday evening so that I could get some photos before the flood gates opened and all of those incredibly excited shoppers hit the booths. The darling miss Dixie was at the door when I arrived with my dear friend Tiffany of Shabby Scraps. I didn't get the chance to meet sister Linda but look forward to doing so in the near future.

The show itself is a collection, and a large collection at that, of vendors from the pacific northwest. There was a wide variety of eclectic items, vintage goods, beautiful creations, and all around sparkly goodness. There were endless treasures and I didn't go home with nearly enough (in my opinion - my husband would disagree...).

If you do get a chance to go to a Funky Junk Sisters show, I highly recommend that you do. We simply don't have enough of these sorts of shows in the pacific northwest. I love the idea of re-purposing items rather than running out to the local Ikea whenever possible. Supporting shows like this enables them to grow and the growth of this particular industry is something I can really get behind.

So, without further ado, the photos~

Thanks to the following vendors for generously letting me take photos of their beautiful booths

Todays Country Store

And the following vendors who don't have blogs or websites~
Victoria Gifts & Home Decor
Loretta Morgan - Ribbon Art and Fine Gifts
Bentham Green Studio
Pickle Patch Originals

If you see something from your booth and I didn't include your link, please send me an email as I wasn't able to get cards from every vendor~

28 October 2009

belle inspiration

As an aspiring photographer, I am forever inspired by work that pulls me in - anything that makes me catch my breath, pulls at my heart, and gives me a reason to pick up my camera to try and improve upon my skills.

On photographer that I admire greatly is Beatrice Lechtanski of Au fil de.

Yes, I know that I have posted about her before, but her eye for finding beauty in simple subjects is astounding.

~I think this little beauty needs to live in my home...

I love her use of textures to soften her images and give them such depth and beauty.

I spend hours on her various photography sites, studying each photo in hopes of seeing the world as she does, through her lens.

Au fil de truly inspires me.

Au fil de Etsy~

27 October 2009

cabin fever

So, I was having a bit of a long day today, with #3 home sick from school, #4 needing to get out after too many days in the house (this was to be our "day out" were there not a sickie here), and I had planned to do my errands today. Not to mention, the whining was at an all-time high.

My husband, ensconced safely in his office at work, sent me the following list of suggestions to retain my sanity. I should mention that, seeing as I was stuck at home anyway, I decided to make the house a "no diaper" zone as potty training isn't going all that well for #4...

Here are some ideas...

1. Surprise box. (this is a box that we keep full of small, interesting things to occasionally reward the boys)
2. Art ANYTHING, get him doing something that will allow him access to the box.
3. Is he not able to get some time outside in the fresh air/Play house?
4. I like the no-diaper thing, that seems like a really great idea.
Think of the money we'll save on diapers!
5. Movies. Check the on-demand movies. And don't ask them, just put
the transformers movie on downstairs, or pick another one, it's like
fly-paper, they'll just walk past it and stick on it... they can't help
6. Tranquilizer gun, make sure to aim for the ass.
7. Let them destroy something of high value, they love to do that.
8. Nervous breakdown... seriously, that seems to work, it will give you
an extra 20 min.
9. Actually do something with them, an activity or game, sit and draw
or read to them... don't rule out wrestling.

Love you!

He is a good husband~

divine kitchens

I love my kitchen. I live in my kitchen. To me, the kitchen is the heart and soul of a home.

Isn't amazing the vast variety of wonderful kitchens there are?


26 October 2009

apple sauce on a blustery day

I can't believe how hard the rain was coming down earlier today. It was incredibly windy and cold, and when handsome husband came in from feeding the horse, he brought with him some gorgeous apples from our trees.

With the fire going, it seemed like the perfect day to make apple sauce.

The smell of the warm apples and cinnamon filled the kitchen, and I immediately felt warmer~