30 July 2009

lego day on the farm

In an attempt to find cool, low energy projects for us to do, yesterday #3 and I went off to the mall for a few hours of air conditioning, a bit of shopping, and a visit to the Lego store - this was daddy's idea.  I should mention that one of my least favorite places to visit is the mall - especially an indoor mall.  We have some really nice outdoor malls here in Seattle, and those aren't all that bad, but the indoor mall is someplace I don't often go.  Yesterday however, with the thought of spending some time in a relatively cool place, it was simply too inviting to avoid...

We had fun picking out projects for us to build, and when we came home, we went down into the "dorm room" - the bottom floor of the house which is # 1 & 2's room.  While it has a full wall of west-facing windows, the back half of it is underground, thus, it is definitely the coolest room we have.  We sat on the floor for a few hours, building and playing.  It was actually quite pleasant, until you went upstairs and realized just how warm it actually was!

I have #4 in minimal clothing these days, in an attempt to keep him as cool as possible.  

Today #3 and I are off to the lake with my friend Melaine of My Sweet Savannah.  I hope to take lots of photos to share~
Stay cool,

29 July 2009

give me water, please

When it is this warm before 8 am, I tend to start to imagine what I could do to keep my little men cool for the day and it's impending heat wave.  

And for me, if there is to be no water, this would be heavenly~

Enjoy this lovely summers day my friends,

28 July 2009

keeping cool in the heat

This week we are experiencing heat the likes of which we have not seen in a very long time, if ever.  This would not be an issue were we to live in a place that is used to this, thus, equipped with luxuries such as air conditioners...  Growing up in the midwest, I was used to this, but now, not so much...

I think that when we are given challenging circumstances, it can bring out the creative, ingenious (if I may) parts of us that would otherwise not be necessary.  Yesterday for example, I think that I was quite creative~

I think that we will be spending quite a bit of time here today...

Stay cool,

27 July 2009

busy afternoon in the heat

Today was far more productive than I had anticipated it would be.  As we had heard it was going to be a hot one, I had not planned to do a lot  - certainly not anything that would require any physical output.  On days such as these, I tend to spend more time on my computer and less time working on projects or in the garden.  Today however I wasn't able to be on the computer as our internet (and phones for that matter) were out for much of the afternoon.  Thus, I was able to finish various odds and ends that had been calling to me for far too long.  One project that I had been working on quite a bit these past few days was working on my first set of necklaces.  As I hadn't made them for someone else before, I wasn't aware of how long it would take to make them look a bit nicer than mine ( more finish work was required for me to even consider sending them off to my beloved customers!).  That being said, after running out to one of my favorite ribbon stores to pick up just the right ribbon for them, I have completed the three, they are boxed up, and ready to go out.  They actually would have gone out today had I had access to my internet and the addresses of their destinations...  I can't wait to get them posted tomorrow!

I also want to introduce you to my new best friend today.  I had purchased this vintage fan a while back as I loved the color.  How was I to know that she would also work - and keep me cool on the hottest day so far this year!  Oh, how I love this little blue angel~

Have a lovely evening my friends,

weekend snaps

As usual the weekend went by far too quickly for my liking.  While we were able to get quite a number of things done, I still feel like time was fleeting, and I didn't have enough quality time spent simply enjoying being together.  

One thing that seems to be accomplished every weekend this summer is house painting.  You see, my husband is painting the exterior of our home, one gallon each weekend, applied with a two inch brush.  Yes, you heard me correctly - a TWO INCH BRUSH.  While this might seem like the act of a crazy man - and you might ask yourself "why would a man paint the entire exterior of a relatively large house with such a small brush?", I would like to offer you this insight into my husband.  This is a man who has a LOT of mental output each and every day at work.  He is under quite a bit of stress most days.  This is also a man who, with four boys and a wife, doesn't have a lot of "man time".  He doesn't golf, he doesn't play poker, he doesn't go to the gym.  What he does love, however, is quiet time to think - time to process all of that crazy, hectic, busy business of the week in his head.  And if you are wondering, a gallon of paint and a two inch brush take about four hours each weekend to apply.  Four hours where, for the most part, he is alone - a man and his paint brush.  Only the sounds of the birds and the waterfall from the pond to distract him.  So this painting the house project - it is a good thing for my husband.  And let us not forget - we are getting a fresh coat of paint as an added bonus! I am loving how wonderful the house is looking~

So while dear husband is painting away, I find myself busy with all sorts of things.  This weekend for instance, I was able to work on some of my linen flower necklaces that I have been listing on Etsy.  They are coming along nicely, and I am hoping to get them sent out early this week.

I was also able to take some shots of my new frames from the Barn House flea.  I love them in the main floor bath, and can't bring myself to remove the tags as they are so cute!  

I cut some flowers from my very dry gardens.  The zinnias seem quite happy and as this is the first year I have planted them, I am absolutely loving their bright, warm colors in the middle of the vegetable boxes.

I brought some in to put them in my vintage inkwells to add some color to the island.  Aren't the colors fabulous?

I also cut some blue hydrangeas as they are in full bloom.  The blue always brightens up the main floor bath and while it isn't my favorite blue, I really enjoy flowers in the house and hydrangeas are a favorite.

This week promises to be a hot one, so my plan will be to get any work that must be done taken care of first thing in the morning, and then split my time between having boys in the sprinkler and finding cool things to do elsewhere.  The forecast is for the mid-90s most days, and for those of you outside of the pacific northwest, most of us don't have air conditioning here... Especially when one lives in a 1928 farm house...

Have a fabulous week my friends,

24 July 2009

our weekend

This is one Friday where I am really ready for the weekend.  I am looking forward to having most of my men home with me.  

Every Friday, I have visions of what the weekend might hold - romantic, relaxing, pretty visions. Now, some of these visions will transpire, while others will remain a dream.  

Number 1 has gone off camping with friends, but the rest of my men will be here, hanging out, eating, and hopefully enjoying the gorgeous weather that is here.  

I am hoping to take number 3, my treasure hunter, to visit one of these~

I do know that we will be needing these as it promises to be H-O-T!

I'm sure there will be some of this (as cooking in the kitchen in the heat is not my favorite thing)~

And you know I will be needing some of these (if we can bear having a bon fire in the heat...)~

And hopefully a few moments to enjoy something along these lines~

to enjoy some of this~

{all photos courtesy of country living}

I hope that whatever your weekend holds, you are surrounded by the ones you love, enjoying fabulous food and wonderful weather.


21 July 2009

BH flea - more treasures and the people

I wanted to post a few more photos of the incredible treasures that were available this past weekend at the barn house flea.  It really was quite endless - I walked all of the booths at least 15 times and each time found something else that I hadn't seen before.  If  you get a chance to go to one of the barn house sales, or to one of the queen of tarte's sales, I highly recommend it.

~this fabulous pink dodge truck rolled up during the show and I had to take a photo or two.  can you imagine how fun it would be to drive around it this???  and yes, the interior is just as pretty and pink as the outside...

The most significant part of this weekend for me was the people that were a part of it all. From the fabulous vendors with their incredible work ethic, their amazing sense of humor, and their generosity, to Tiffany and Robin, whom I now call my true (photography) friends.  These people work hard, but they also know how to have fun at the end of the day.  I spent time on Saturday afternoon with Tiffany and Robin talking about photography, and photoshop, and all things wonderful.  I can't tell you how amazing it is to find like-minded women who love their photography as much as I do, and who inspire me to get out there and expand my comfort zone. We talked about doing a photography afternoon together and I can't wait to set it up!

~I don't have adequate words to describe the queen of tarte.  I could say that she is over-the-top fun, endlessly kind, has a great sense of humor, is welcoming to everyone she comes in contact with, and has the hardest working husband ever, but it doesn't really give you a sense of how wonderful she is.  you really need to meet her yourself to understand~

~these three just might have been separated at birth...  they are so fun to be around and so clearly enjoy their friendship - it is a treasure and such a pleasure to see~

~laurie (behind the counter) hugged me the minute we met and it was as if we were old friends.  she is so incredibly warm and wonderful - as is her sister-in-law debbie who really needs a blog... (hint hint)

~deb (and her husband bob) had me in stitches all weekend long!  they are gorgeous people inside and out, they set the bar incredibly high, and then welcome everyone else to enjoy their hard work.  Deb also has a nose for the most exquisite perfumes...

~I had met lisa at farm chicks when she sold me a tutu that I wore from the moment it became mine.  she is someone who always seems to be smiling and is such fun to spend time with!  I am so happy that I was able to get to know her (and her booth partner Isabel) better.  I look forward to our next weekend together!

~this is the gorgeous outdoor dining area underneath the barn house pergola.  from the lighting to the pergola to the fire pit, it was so clearly right out of a magazine~

~these two really were in essence what it was to be a shopper at the flea.  connie and tia were friends who were there to enjoy the show, and I really do think they enjoyed it!  they were so much fun, they clearly had a great time finding treasures to take home (as I believe they took home a number of things...) and I had such a nice time visiting with them.  there was such great energy at the show and if you had to take a photo of it, this is pretty much what it would look like~

I promised you links to the vendors and I am hoping that I haven't forgotten anyone.  If I have, please shoot me an email and I will quickly add them!  

The following links will take you to some of the most creative, interesting, and fun people in blogland~

Before I go...

I'd like to tell you a little bit about the two creative geniuses behind all of this.  Joe and Jermonne are truly exceptional people.  They not only pulled together a large event while considering every last detail, but they hand-selected the group of vendors that were to participate.  They brought together this incredible group of creative like-minded people who, even though some of them had never met, spent evenings together laughing and telling stories and laughing some more like they were long lost friends.  I can't tell you how many times I looked around at the group, some of whom I had known for less than 12 hours that first night and thought Wow, how fortunate am I to have been invited to spend a weekend surrounded by such inspirational people.  They were far and above the bests hosts I have ever seen - no request was too big or too small for them to accommodate.  They truly are one of a kind and I am so grateful to have been invited to participate in such an amazing event.  Thank you guys~


~I'm pretty sure that was some imported apple juice that looks remarkably like beer.  There was a lot of imported apple juice that weekend...