30 October 2008

Playing with my camera and photoshop

I can't begin to tell you how slow the learning curve is when it comes to teaching yourself something you know VERY little about... This applies to me when it comes to Photoshop and my camera these days. I spend hours experimenting, deleting, trying again, shaking my head, and pushing forward once more. Thus, anyone who feels the desire to pass along any advice should indulge themself and do so. It would not go unappreciated!

This photo is an attempt to copy one I saw online taken and edited by some incredibly talented photographer whose name I can't find as I didn't bother keeping track of the website I found it on. Thus, if it looks like yours, (no need to worry about someone thinking it is actually theirs, as the one I found could not be confused with mine...) please let me know who you are!

I think this photo illustrates my decent into mindless crazy photography by a woman who clearly needs to find something productive to do with her time. Mushrooms? Seriously?

The little boys and I spent some time outdoors yesterday, raking and playing in the leaves. I of course brought the camera and took a few shots (a few being less than 100). I liked these two - one for the beautiful color, one for the lack of it.

Have a great day!

28 October 2008

Pumpkin Carving

What fun to carve pumpkins with four boys! So creative and talented are my young men.

Autumn Morning

I snuck out first thing this morning, after getting the three big boys off to school, to take some photos of the gorgeous color that has decended on the property these last few days. My darling and wonderful husband afforded me this luxury by staying home from work this morning so that he could keep the ever-active Finn Henry busy. The fog visited while I was out so I wasn't able to totally capture how beautiful the color was. Thus, I brought the color indoors!

I also shot a few photos of the house, which I thought I would post. I had found an old flour sack a while back and finally decided to make a couple of pillows out of them. Let me say that sewing is not one of my current talents, but something I hope to improve upon with time. I have to say, I follow a few blogs written by incredibly talented women! My morning routine consists of waking up at 5:40 am, going downstairs while everyone else is still nestled in their warm, comfy beds, and getting a cup of coffee. I power up my laptop and log on to some of my favorite blogs (after I read the BBC to see what is happening around the globe). I do this because afterwards, I shower and while showering, plan my day. I find that reading my favorite blogs inspires me each and every day to find direction. Some days, it is to slow down, enjoy my wonderful home, children, gardens, etc. Some days it is to nest, bake, cook, create. Some days it might be to learn - to sew, knit, crochet, photoshop... Regardless of what each day brings, it does bring inspiration. I love those incredibly inspirational women for that! So have a peek at my blog list. I would guess that these women will inspire you as well~

Have a great Tuesday,