30 June 2010

I do believe summer has arrived

I do believe summer has arrived, albeit hesitantly, quietly, and certainly without the seemingly endless sunny warm days (today for instance, the clouds and cool weather are back). We have however had some sun, and the thermometer has reached 70 on a couple of occasions.

I was in the gardens yesterday working on the extensive weeding task that seems to have gotten away from me. I clearly hadn't been in the garden pasture for a while as the weather hasn't been all that inviting... However, when I was weeding around the red raspberry canes, I glanced up and saw this!

I then turned around and would you believe - there are peas! Honestly, this is the first year that they have come without me noticing.

The two little boys had a wonderful time picking the red raspberries and eating them immediately, still warm from the sun. The golden raspberries are nearly ready as well so I see a tart or two in our future...

Some of my favorite flowers are also blooming, which makes me so happy as my favorite time of year is early summer when the prettiest flowers bloom in the sun and gentle warmth. Now if only allergy season didn't accompany all of this beauty...

Have a wonderful rest of your week my friends,

27 June 2010

owning it

lately my mind has been going a mile a minute trying to "figure it all out". mid-life crisis you ask? (yes, I will be turning forty this coming november...) I have been talking to friends, making my husband *crazy*, and living in my own head far too much when it comes to the concept of {what does it all mean}.

now before you go and say "what on earth do you have to figure out" - please know - I love my life. I have a marvelous, incredibly blessed existence. I have four incredible boys, a very generous husband, *the best* friends, and a home that I cherish. I am lucky enough to be able to stay at home with my kids, spending time watching them grow into strong, positive, kind young men.

however, do you ever feel like you have more to offer? I think for me, it is about balance and right now, I am feeling the scale is a bit heavy on one side. you see, I have spent my entire adult life being a wife, and then a mom - raising these boys, keeping our home running, supporting my husband and his own very successful business. and while I love living this life, I think, as my boys are growing older, I am now seeing that maybe there is also something out there for me - something that is mine alone and has nothing to do with being a wife or a mom. I don't want to leave or dismiss what I currently have, but I would like to enrich it and find my niche so to speak.

the other evening, while having one of my "Ineedsomethingofmyownto feel likeIcandomorethanbeawifeandmother" moments, my husband said something to me that made me stop and think. he said "you need to decide what you want and own it." OWN IT. hhmmm... I like it. I can use that. because you know I seem to be surrounded by people who are passionate about what they do - the are amazingly talented in whatever area of expertise they are living in, and clearly, they are owning it. it is theirs and they live it to the fullest. that is what I want - that is where I am going.

yes, I have spoke about this before - and I know I am not alone in my search. maybe it is simply taking me a bit longer to narrow down what it is that I want to be fulfilled with - what path I am meant to wander down. I think that photography is definitely the direction - but that is like saying "I need to head west"... I find it easier to pinpoint what I *don't* want to shoot rather than what I do. but this too is working itself out over time.

with the help of my wonderful web designer, I have been working on a photography website these past few months. why? you ask.. well, I'm not sure. I simply needed to make a step forward and it seemed like something that I could do for now, until more of my destination is clear. so, in the coming days, I hope to have it up and be able to share it with you. because you have all been so incredibly supportive, and AMAZINGLY inspiring (some days you have no idea how inspiring!). I truly do appreciate how kind and thoughtful you are~

so, time to go for a run and ruminate a wee bit more before starting my sunday. oh, how I do adore these weekends~

have a lovely day mes amies!

all images found here, because he ALWAYS inspires me...

24 June 2010

summer picnic

Today we celebrated an 8th birthday. The weather was gorgeous, and we are spending our afternoon outside, having a picnic, squirting water guns, and playing in the sandbox.

It is on days such as these that I truly appreciate our gorgeous little farm. We have open space for us to play, lots of privacy, and sometimes it is so quiet and peaceful with only the singing of the birds and the sound of the breeze through the trees.

Enjoy this summer day my friends, whatever you may be doing~

21 June 2010

lovin' on peonies

Peonies are truly my favorite early summer flower. I adore the really full pink ones. This year my peonies are doing really well, which is shocking seeing as the weather has been awful so far this spring and summer.

I was at the market on Saturday and the flower vendors seem to be having the same luck with their peonies as there are BUCKETS of them and they are gorgeous!

If I can't have the sunshine at least I can have loads of cut flowers in the house and pretend that summer is actually here...

Have a delightful week mes amies~

18 June 2010

bon weekend

bonjour mes amies~

today marks the first day of our summer break for the boys. it is a beautiful sunny day out and we couldn't ask for nicer weather!

the littles and I are sitting out in mabel, the warm summer breeze is blowing, I am working on my computer and listening to my music while they watch a movie on the back bed. later this afternoon we will bbq flank steak and make cheese sauce for steamed broccoli and cauliflower. we will probably have a bon fire tonight and roast marshmallows for s'mores. all in all, we will thoroughly enjoy the first of many wonderful summer days here on the farm.

I hope you all have a marvelous weekend and that the sun shines on you, wherever you are.

bon weekend,

17 June 2010

dreaming of a french kitchen shop...

e. dehillerin

have you been? do you love to cook? if so, when you are in paris you must go. must must.

I had read about this historic store in the heart of paris in one of ina garten's cookbooks. I knew when I saw her photos that I had to go. no question.

it did not disappoint. I could have spent hours there, shooting the endless beautiful silver whisks, pots big enough to store #4 in, endless copper, beautiful serving platters.

dehillerin is not a fancy shop. it is not a showy shop. it is rustic. it is functional. it has history in it's aisles. it is busy.

I used a LOT of constraint (seeing as I had very little space in my suitcase to be carting every simple kitchen gadget I had ever dreamt of home with me...) but did bring home a couple little treasures that I use nearly every day.

you leave your purchases in a queue on one counter, they write up your order which you take to a second counter. there you will pay for your items while they are being carefully and beautifully wrapped in lovely paper. you will then return to the first counter to collect your package. it was truly the best kitchen shopping experience I have yet to have. le sigh...

next time, I shall be leaving a lot more empty space in my suitcase when traveling to paris...


15 June 2010

a renovated barn in the south of france~ sigh...

I think I am in love~
(shocking, I know...)
I first saw this here and the minute I did, I knew I had to go in search of the entire story.

Do you ever have those moments when your heart nearly stops, when you catch your breath because you can completely picture yourself there? That is how I felt when I saw the story of Charmaine and Paul Jack, their little family, and the old barn they had converted in the Gard region of southern France (a beautiful area Ange and I drove through this past April).

The 250 year old barn sits on 3 acres and I can just imagine rolling hills, warm breezes blowing through open windows, and endless sunshine.

Charmaine managed all of the interior design work and did an incredible job of marrying historic stone with modern amenities. The entire home is so comfortable and welcoming - I love the simplicity and warmth.

I love this quote by Charmaine - "Weekends are spent relaxing and cooking with friends and family. ‘Our neighbours give us home-grown tomatoes, figs and even honeycomb, and I buy everything else from the local market. We live a very rural life but the best thing is sharing it with friends and neighbours,’ says Charmaine."

That is the life I want to lead...

all photos courtesy of living, etc.

14 June 2010

france way back when~

I know I am due a France post, and trust me, I will have one ready before long. However, this evening while *attempting* to organize my very cluttered, messy, disorganized laptop, I came across this photo collection. It made me sigh. And wish. And dream.

You see, these photos were from our trip five years ago. They were taken in Normandy and Brittany during the 60th Anniversary of D-Day celebrations. It was such a fabulous trip - the weather, the food, the people, the stories as told by the veterans. We were fortunate enough to end up on the same ship from Portsmouth, England to Ouistreham, France as many of the veterans attending the celebration. It was a moving, emotional experience - one that we certainly won't ever forget.

What a beautiful country France is. I know that each of our homelands have gorgeous places - the United States certainly does. But there is something that draws me to this beautiful place. Maybe it is my heritage - my ancestors escaped persecution from the Catholics long long ago. But we are still French - much removed of course. But it is there, in my heart~


13 June 2010

blue accents for summer

We live with a fairly white palette. I love our white slip-covered sofa, our two vintage slip-covered chairs, our shaggy off-white rug. I like our medium dark wood accents that work well with my (I use *my* here as no one else in this house shares me love of what is lovingly referred to as "chippy crap") vintage, chipped wood and industrial pieces. But every once in a while I am inspired to add a splash of color here and there.

I have been drawn to blues for as long as I can remember. Sometimes it is a french blue, sometimes, more of a robin's egg, and then a pale turquoise catches my eye.

Have a marvelous week mes amies~ It is our last week of school here on the farm, and then, summer break begins!!!


all images found courtesy of Country Living

10 June 2010

Second Saturdayz - not to be missed!

fabulous sale alert! fabulous sale alert!

This Saturday- June 12th- is the second Saturday of the month. Do you know what that means? If you love vintage, if you love chippy paint, if you love fabulous - you will love Second Saturdayz! We are so fortunate here in the Seattle area to have a new monthly sale to shop!

I was there last month for the first sale and honestly - it is a sale not to be missed.

The vendors are topnotch.

There are endless treasures to be found.

And it is the only one of it's kind in our area!

Second Saturdayz is held at Magnuson Park on Sandpoint Way in Seattle. The directions can be found here. Honestly, if you love vintage, old, chippy, rusty, eclectic, or fabulous, this is a sale you really don't want to miss. It is my favorite monthly show and if you go, I bet it will become yours~

09 June 2010

a winner and thinking about father's day~

So, first of all, we have a WINNER!!! I could not have been more excited when I pulled this name out as I truly adore this blogging friend!

Debra has a beautiful blog called Lifescapes and honestly, she truly does the sweetest pieces of art - a perfect illustration of one's life. LOVE them!

She is also one of those incredibly supportive friends that truly touches your heart and makes you feel like no matter how far away she is, she is right there for you to lean on. Sometimes blogging simply stuns me with the kindness it brings about~
Miss Debra, could you please send me your mailing address, s'il vous plait?

Secondly, I received an email this morning and while I have NEVER followed up on any sort of solicitation, something about this one made me smile. First of all, Father's Day is just around the corner and his post on ties touched home here on the farm. I found the post itself so creative, and the fact that he is a he - something you don't see as often as shes in my community of blogging - I thought it was important to encourage it. So, meet Matt. He has a blog about, well, neckties. It is interesting, it is amusing, and it is worth a stop by. Tell him I sent you if you leave a comment - I am sure he would love to hear from you!

I am off for a couple of days to see some of the loveliest ladies around. I will return with photos galore and some fabulous stories as well!