13 December 2010

Photos of India are up!

If you are still visiting this site - I wanted to make sure you knew that the photos from India have been posted on my site!  You can find them at Kimberly Taylor Images

Hit the {portfolio} tab, and then the {photography} tab - the photos are found in the {on adventuring through india} folder~


06 November 2010

Follow me to India!

Hello Friends,
I know some of you have yet to find me over HERE.  I miss you.  Truly.

I will be heading to India on Monday - a mere TWO DAYS FROM NOW!!!  I am giddy with excitement and would LOVE for you to follow along.  But first you will have to come to my new home, where I will be posting about it...

I hope you join me.  It is sure to be the adventure of a lifetime!  I will be turning 40 there...

Happy Weekend!

28 September 2010

{autumn} as a home

because so many of you still come here first...


use the "blog" button~

22 September 2010

Update me, s'il vous plait!!!

I do know that moving is difficult, and sometimes, in the busyness of everyday life, things like updating sidebars is overlooked.

But I miss you!  I am so thankful for those of you who have followed along - I love your seeing your comments and knowing you are there.   And yet, for those of you who still have this site on your sidebar - I know you are missing out on the new posts from my new home!

So please, won't you come along and hang out with me here?  I would be ever-so grateful!



29 August 2010


So, it seems that my *new* blog, which uses wordpress, is not keeping up-to-date on people's blogrolls.  On most blogrolls, it says that the last time I posted was a week ago, and yet I have posted three or four times since then!
Does ANYONE have any advice/thoughts/information that would help me figure this out?  It is making me crazy!!!
Thank you, thank you, thank you for anything you have to offer!

25 August 2010

have you found me yet?

I know moves can be hard, but I promise - it will be worth it!  Would you believe I am actually learning code in order to make my new blog {exactly} what I want???  I would love for you to come see for yourself~

mimi charmante

Have a lovely week mes amies,

20 August 2010

new blog button

working on a buttons for my new blog~

hope to see you over there!


19 August 2010

follow me!

Hello my friends,

So, while I am still doing a LOT of tweaking/cleaning/organizing, my new address is now where I shall be posting.  Please visit me on my new blog - 


If you have been so kind as to have added me to your blogroll, would you mind changing the link address there as well?  I am still trying to get my "subscribe" button onto my new site (and of course, any advice would be GREATLY appreciated!) but I think that if you subscribe here, it will forward you to the proper site.

Thank you so much for your patience and for your friendship through all of this.  Hopefully things will be running smoothly and back to normal soon!


16 August 2010

lazy days of summer - guest posting!

Hello sweet lovelies~

Today I am visiting across the pond. My sweet friend Simone is enjoying holidays with her family in the south of France, and I can be found on her site in her place!

Come visit me, will you? I would love to see you there!


14 August 2010

comfortable clutter

While spending more time at home lately, organizing, de-cluttering, simplifying, I have noticed that I have been drawn to photos such as these. Cluttered photos. Photos filled with *things*. And yet, there is something comforting, welcoming, even enticing about them, isn't there? What is it, do you think, that makes such cluttered areas so inviting?

If anyone is keeping score, this post adds one to the list of reasons why I should clearly be considered A.D.D. :)

I hope you are enjoying your weekend as much as we are here on the farm. After a big country brunch outside in the shade, we are taking a little rest before heading down the hill to visit one of the MANY wineries and do a little wine tasting ourselves!


13 August 2010

wild kingdom on the farm

Living on this farm has brought us so much joy. Exciting things happen here. Dreams come true here. Our family is creating its history here. I really love that this is our home.

One amazing thing about the farm is the number of small creatures that make their way into our lives. Not only do handsome husband and I enjoy the excitement of rescuing a baby critter, but I think it is wonderful for the boys to have these experiences throughout their childhood.

First, there were the baby squirrels - Charlie and Lola. They had fallen out of their nest and most likely their mother had been killed as she was nowhere to be found. The dog found them on the ground at the foot of a huge poplar tree in the upper pasture, nearly frozen. We took them in and gave them shelter, not to mention a fair bit of love~

Then, of course, there is Mama and the four babies. When she brings them into the barn to eat, she divides them into two groups as I think she doesn't feel safe bringing all four in at once. We spend time watching the ones left in the tree outside while she is inside feeding the others. She is quite patient with my camera, letting me shoot them without shooing them away. She is protective though, and it is amazing to hear her communicate with them!

And then, last night, #1 came up to my room asking me to come downstairs. Seems little Chipper the house wren had somehow gotten into their room (their windows are on the lowest of three floors and the windows themselves sit about five inches above the ground. They open from the bottom and she somehow found her way in. She is too young to fly, very calm, and is now eating every hour during the day and chirping away when she is hungry.

It is funny because about a month ago my friend and I were running and I spotted a cold baby crow who had also clearly fallen out of her nest and was on the side of the road. She would barely open her eyes and there were no parents to be found. We brought her to my friend's house where she and her family have been nursing her back to health. She is more like a dog, wanting to be with them, flying to their laps or shoulders, and calling out for food. She really is adorable~

Enjoy your weekend mes amies - I shall be here, happily enjoying the craziness that is our life~

08 August 2010

speaking of moving...

A dear friend reminded me that I really should ask you to hit the rss feed button just to the right -

yep, right over there---->

That way, I can just whisk you away with me when the move does happen~

I hope you all had as lovely a Sunday as I did - a great run this morning and then a movie with the bigs. My "to do" list didn't get any shorter, but instead I had time with two of my very favorite young men.
Have a fabulous week mes amies,

following your heart - but to Nepal???

Lately, I have been drawn to India. You may remember that one of my very dearest friends has done a lot of traveling through India and Nepal and has taken some of my favorite photos. It is funny that I had titled that post "when I grow up" and I had wanted to title this one the same thing... One of my very favorite posts that I have written was about women helping women, found here. Many of you know how much the idea that women can do ANYTHING if they set their minds to it is a huge part of who I am.

Thus, you can probably image how touched, and amazed, and impressed I was when I discovered Maggie Doyne this morning. Honestly, the girl is INCREDIBLE. I could blather on and on about what she had done, but really - it is so much better when it comes from her~

I feel that my life is an endless search for inspiration. When I see this, I wish with all of my heart that whatever Maggie's parents did to create the drive, and ambition, and belief that she could do anything had been bestowed upon me by my parents. This is exactly the confidence that I want to instill in my boys - so that they too can follow their hearts and find passion in doing something magnificent! If this young girl can come out of high school, go out into the world, and create something this incredible, why can't we all?

Have a wonderful Sunday mes amies - I am off for a run in the rain and then I have an afternoon all to myself! (handsome husband has taken the littles away and all the bigs want is to see a movie later~ Yippy!!!


05 August 2010

new treasures in the shop!

I have added a few things to the shop today~ Some are new creations, some are treasures that I found in France and that it has taken me this long to part with...

Have a wonderful Friday mes amies!

04 August 2010

there is a move in my future...

So, I think the time has come for me to move my blog to my website. I am hoping to do it in the next few days, and will make sure you know exactly when and where I will be - I would HATE to leave any of you behind, and would miss you terribly if you no longer visited. I am nervous about it, as I love what we have here, but in an effort to move forward I want to have all of my loves under one roof, if you know what I mean~

Stay tuned - it shouldn't be long!

01 August 2010

barn house flea market in photos

This past weekend was pretty spectacular. The venue was perfect, the friends - magnificent, and there were endless treasures. It really was like one big ole love-fest. I can't really find the words to do it justice, but the photos really do speak for themselves. I will tell you I met some wonderful people, one downright precious artist, and of course, got to love on the usual suspects~

Have a lovely week mes amies - I have all sorts of wonderful things in the works right now - I can't wait to tell you all about them!