30 October 2008

Playing with my camera and photoshop

I can't begin to tell you how slow the learning curve is when it comes to teaching yourself something you know VERY little about... This applies to me when it comes to Photoshop and my camera these days. I spend hours experimenting, deleting, trying again, shaking my head, and pushing forward once more. Thus, anyone who feels the desire to pass along any advice should indulge themself and do so. It would not go unappreciated!

This photo is an attempt to copy one I saw online taken and edited by some incredibly talented photographer whose name I can't find as I didn't bother keeping track of the website I found it on. Thus, if it looks like yours, (no need to worry about someone thinking it is actually theirs, as the one I found could not be confused with mine...) please let me know who you are!

I think this photo illustrates my decent into mindless crazy photography by a woman who clearly needs to find something productive to do with her time. Mushrooms? Seriously?

The little boys and I spent some time outdoors yesterday, raking and playing in the leaves. I of course brought the camera and took a few shots (a few being less than 100). I liked these two - one for the beautiful color, one for the lack of it.

Have a great day!

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