13 August 2010

wild kingdom on the farm

Living on this farm has brought us so much joy. Exciting things happen here. Dreams come true here. Our family is creating its history here. I really love that this is our home.

One amazing thing about the farm is the number of small creatures that make their way into our lives. Not only do handsome husband and I enjoy the excitement of rescuing a baby critter, but I think it is wonderful for the boys to have these experiences throughout their childhood.

First, there were the baby squirrels - Charlie and Lola. They had fallen out of their nest and most likely their mother had been killed as she was nowhere to be found. The dog found them on the ground at the foot of a huge poplar tree in the upper pasture, nearly frozen. We took them in and gave them shelter, not to mention a fair bit of love~

Then, of course, there is Mama and the four babies. When she brings them into the barn to eat, she divides them into two groups as I think she doesn't feel safe bringing all four in at once. We spend time watching the ones left in the tree outside while she is inside feeding the others. She is quite patient with my camera, letting me shoot them without shooing them away. She is protective though, and it is amazing to hear her communicate with them!

And then, last night, #1 came up to my room asking me to come downstairs. Seems little Chipper the house wren had somehow gotten into their room (their windows are on the lowest of three floors and the windows themselves sit about five inches above the ground. They open from the bottom and she somehow found her way in. She is too young to fly, very calm, and is now eating every hour during the day and chirping away when she is hungry.

It is funny because about a month ago my friend and I were running and I spotted a cold baby crow who had also clearly fallen out of her nest and was on the side of the road. She would barely open her eyes and there were no parents to be found. We brought her to my friend's house where she and her family have been nursing her back to health. She is more like a dog, wanting to be with them, flying to their laps or shoulders, and calling out for food. She really is adorable~

Enjoy your weekend mes amies - I shall be here, happily enjoying the craziness that is our life~


The Little Red Shop said...

How wonderful! What absolutely beautiful creatures! My brother has a baby crow. It follows him around everywhere...rides with him in his truck...rides on his dog.

Have a lovely weekend!

: )

Julie M.

ps The baby squirrel picture is a hoot!

A Melbourne Girl said...

Wonderful photos Mimi...the critters are gorgeous!


Privet and Holly said...

Kim, these are
just amazing images
of a sweet menagerie!
How special for your
kids to live in such
harmony with these
little critters! My
daughter would be
soooo in her element
here : ) Enjoy them
all and your weekend.
xx Suzanne

Fräulein Klein said...

Oh, the first photo is my favourite! It´s so funny!!!!!
Have a nice weekend,
Hugs, Yvonne

Daydream Living said...

Hi Kimberly,

What a joy to read this post! And for your children it is indeed wonderful to see animals so up and close. I really like being in Blog land, met people from the US till AUS, but you will always be special (my first follower and comment!). Thank you again! Have a good weekend,


Tom Stephenson said...

How nice to have a racoon as a pet! I was going to make a joke about 'nuts' in the top photo, but decided not to.

paige said...

i love it that you are the wilderness family too!
rescueing small animals!
is there anything you can not do?
i think not!
have a fantastic weekend my friend

Jeanne said...

Absolutely wonderful shots Mimi...it has been so many years since I have seen a raccoon...these are my favourite!!


Kelly @ Much To Do With Nothing said...

Oh I love all of this! How sweet to take care of the babies. I worried so much about baby birds in my yard last year, but this year went really well. I try to feed all of my little critters, and keep the stray cats out of the yard. I wanted the doves to come and they're here and becoming more used to me. It's been a fun spring and summer with nature around here.

Melissa Miller said...

Beautiful photos. I love the baby crow story. How sweet. :)

Lori said...

You keep adding to your menagerie don't you and I think it is wonderful!! That is what life on the farm should be Kim ~ have a truly beautiful week-end. xo

Lynda @ Happenstance Home said...

Love your stories and all the beautiful little animals! I loved growing up in "the country" and miss all the wildlife.

Blondie's Journal said...

What sweet stories. I'm quite a big animal rescuer myself, especially baby birds. How lucky your children are to experience the magical lives of these creatures!


seabold vintage market said...

love the little bird . . . soooo sweet!

Dovecote Decor said...

In Forsyth County, N.C. you would spend weeks of the year getting Rabies vaccinations! We have an epidemic and squirrels, racoons, bats, chipmunks etc.. are all 100% off limits. It is really cutting into our animal love time!! I do want a tame baby bird, though! In Pasadena, everyone had a tame western blue bird in their back yards. They demand their homeowners feed them! Loved your post,

Teri said...

As an animal lover and fellow rescuer of orphans, I have to say "Thank You" for being so caring and sweet. It's nice meeting someone else out there in the blogosphere that can't just walk by an animal in need.

puddinglane said...

Bonjour~ so pleased I found your lovely site - and those little squirrels are so cute -Interesting how she divides them to feed ~ she's obviously a good Mum.

Hood Canal Gal said...

So sweet. Great pics too! These are the memories your kids will treasure.....

Mind if I ditch Mimi and start calling you Dr. Dolittle???

Fearless Nester said...

Oh this was such a sweet post, I so adore all those little critters! ~Lili

stephanie said...

such amazing pictures! i love the first one the most :)

Nikki said...

Oh my gosh. Your photos are adorable. Especially that little wren. We used to nurse baby bunnies back to health after our cats would catch them. Sometimes they didn't make it from the shock. I felt awful, but it was a good life lesson.

I hope your racoons don't become aggressive. The ones that live in Issaquah are crazy. They love the neighbors cat food...and chickens.

Dreamy Whites said...

I love all of your photos Kimberly.
All of your critters on your farm look adorable!
My kids are always rescuing reptiles. : ))
I hope you are having a great summer.

Take Care,
Maria : ))