03 December 2008

my gift to you today

thanks once again to shutter sisters, I have found someone marvelous!  I completely adore her art (it is so girlie, which I crave being as I am surrounded by boy-things), I love that she supports a cause she believes in, and the fact that she lives in the same city that I do is the cherry on the sundae!  I definitely recommend you mosey on over and check out her site(s) as she offers great advice on art supplies, equipment for photography, and has amazing links that will have you spending hours just peeking at all of them!


Britt- Sparkled Vintage Charm said...

lovely! I hope you have a really wonderful day!! big hugs!! Britt :-)

tracey clark said...

indeed. kelly rae is a radiant light in this world. : )

Royaltouch said...

Hello, I met you at Melaine's Home Craft show this evening. Just wanted to say it was nice to meet you and good luck with the photography. It is a fun thing!
Your blog is nice, I will put it in my favs and come back and visit.
On my blog in my Regal Sites list, is a link to my Zazzle items I sell. You can see some of my photography there if you like, I am a newby at it also but enjoy it and anything creative.
Blessings, Linda Queen