02 December 2008

Today at Bliss

I just finished getting my morning Bliss fix and although I have missed mrs. french while she has been away, she certainly made sure that every guest blogger has provided me with what I have needed to start my day.  I was quite pleasantly surprised today to see one of my *very* *favorite* *writers* was the guest blogger there - karey m. from Mackin Ink!  karey provided her own I *heart*  list and I definitely think it is worth the trip over to see what makes her happy.  I *heart* everything that she had on her list!  thanks karey! (how much do I *heart* this fairy dust???)


Laurie said...

Thanks for sharing the I heart list it was perfect...

karey m. said...

oh! i'm so pleased you enjoyed it!

{do you know how hard it is to write something for someone else's blog?! it's like, you don't want to lose them any readers! eek!}

so this was an extra nice compliment for me, who was feeling very very very nervous. thank you. and all is forgiven for the stellar clay figures.