27 December 2009

a new year, a new focus

~the absolutely stunning home of Lola B

This past year has been my year to simplify. I have purged endlessly. I have streamlined, I have cleaned out, and I have focused on less clutter.

What I have discovered however, is that while I don't like the chaos that clutter creates, I have found that I am really happy with vintage collections. I love my collection of cameras, I enjoy small old clocks, and lately I have been on the lookout for old photos of people at the beach.

I really liked the photos below as, while they are still quite monochromatic, they have a coziness about them. I find them interesting to look at, and I like that they look like homes of people who are happy with the world they have surrounded themselves with. That is the feeling I would like to create in our home in 2010~

~all photos courtesy of Country Living


Suzann @ The Olive Cottage said...

I love them all! Many of these photos I have saved in my own dream file.

Simone said...

Beautiful.....I have a couple of these saved too.

I love what you have written, surrounding yourself by what you are happy and comfortable with is so important, definitely something to aspire to :)

Ange said...

You already do that dear Mimi. You have the knack for creating 'beautiful' and spreading it around you... If you can consciously enjoy something, then it can hardly be classified as clutter. Now, if you like, I would be happy to find a sunny beach somewhere and take a photo of myself for your collection ;-) Just kidding!!

vosges paris said...

I like your collection of pictures.. Think we wil always struggling between an empty house and a house with clutter we love.. I recently talked with an interior designer about this and we decided it is best to colllect all thgings in one big cupboard.. so that is what I am doing at the moment.. less thingies and all located in 2 places ;

sweetpea said...

we are destined to always be on the lookout for a way to update and refine our style, i'm afraid. i too have been looking at my home and thinking "is it too much"? but then i think, like you, that i live with what i love. and isn't that how it should be... love all the pics you featured.



Martha said...

Gorgeous pictures...I love your inspiration...and trying to make a point to add to our home with only things that truly love and fit us:)

Tattered Goods said...

I can tell that Kasey has a wonderful charing home... I am sure your visit was nice and easy with a sweet friends simply loving and laughing together :) I hope you had a lovely CHRISTmas and that the New year brings you new hopes and joy.


Blondie's Journal said...

I love this wonderful style as well...if it can be called a style~it is so individual. I am sure you will achieve any look you wish for!


Ciara said...


Oh how I wish... This year we simply HAVE to finish our house. Thanks for the divine inspiration!

FrenchBlue said...

So so pretty~ I couldn't agree more. I think the balance of vintage but clean clutter is the perfect look! I have no doubt in my mind that you will create this in your home. You represent this look to me:)
Happy 2010!!

Flower Patch Farmgirl said...

The top two photos are two of my alltime faves! Both are prominently featured in my file. I could look at them forever and never grow bored.

Things That Inspire said...

Beautiful spaces...I am a year behind you. This year is my year to declutter, get rid of the excess, redefine - all in preparation for moving in 2011...I am looking forward to a great year!

Brenda @Cozy Little House said...

That's a good New Year's sort of resolution. We can streamline, and yet have the things we most love surrounding us.

animal print gal said...

I am in the "less is more" mode too!
Must be the time. I enjoy simple things, and I don't need the clutter. This year's resolution: Pitch all the extras and simplify.
Our home is the reflection of how we feel and think, so clearer rooms,clearer peaceful minds...

Florence said...

I love the less clutter, but I can't seem to give it up, because of the what if's? Maybe this will be the year I can accomplish some head way. Florence

Sammy Girl said...

Hello and Happy (almost) New Year!
Love the pics and agree that finding out what really matters to us and what collections or things we have are part of that can be a wonderful result of simplifying. Thanks so much for sharing the images, and I know you will continue to create a warm and inviting home in 2010 .... filled with your favorite things!
Betty :)

emma wallace said...

I just love that third photo with the lavender pillows! So fresh and comfy.


Kato said...

If anyone can do it, you can!

Sandy said...

I'm spending a cold, snowy morning surfing blogs and I came across yours. I wish I could bring myself to clear away the clutter too! It just seems every time I get rid of something it's not long before I need it. How do you do it?

Kasey said...

good morning Kim!
How fun to see a pic of my stairs!
I was about to write about making a house a home...so how perfect this was to read.
I hope you had a fabulous christmas.
guess what book i got?! Ginette Mathiout's!!!!!!!
My hubby was very good to me this year.
Have a wonderful day.

Joyce said...

I like this look too! I can't wait to see what you do with your home. Happy New Year! xo

Laura said...

What beautiful rooms.

It is nice to think that purging and cleaning out involves little more than just getting rid of things.

So often other projects involve a little more finesse than that.

I enjoyed visiting so much, and I feel inspired!