07 December 2009

wreath making

Last week, before I left for the fabulously inspired evening event, my girlfriends and I celebrated the season with our annual wreath making morning.

As always, it was wonderful - good food, coffee with bailey's, and in the end, more festivity was created to celebrate the holidays.

I made four wreaths this year - two green bases that I will decorate this week and put on our front doors, one rose hip wreath thanks to the suggestion of my dear friend, and one holly wreath for the entry to the farm. The berries were plentiful this year and it looks beautiful hanging on the entry fence next to our Chestnut farm sign.

~this is our gracious friend who hosts the event in her studio ever year

I have a busy week ahead, with boys' activities, holiday celebrations, my last classe francaise this week, and this fabulous sale on Friday. I do hope if you are in the area that you can make it, as it would be lovely to share a glass of wine or some cider with you!

Bonne semaine mes amies~


Dumbwit Tellher said...

I love your wreaths. It is such fun to make them & I have not since I left Washington State. I actually went to our local craft store here in Houston & they didn't even have the frames. I was in shock. I wanted to create a wreath in the shape of a peace sign this year. Needless to say I'm missing my home. I love on your bio that you are raising "future husbands", I just think those are the wisest words I've read in a long time. Bravo to you!

Federica said...

Your wreaths looks gorgeous! You are very talented!

P.s.Come visit me, there's a lovely Christmas Giveaway!

Cathi said...

Gorgeous wreaths...I will be making one this week too, for our front door! Have a fabulous day, Kim! :)

Aura said...

Beautiful, I have always wanted to make a wreath like this.

Jboo said...

Wow -- how cool! Wish I knew how to make a wreath like that!


Ange said...

May your wreath be red and luscious and may you never prick a finger ma chère amie adorée...
Amuse-toi bien à ton dernière classe de Français.

Lori said...

Oh Kim ~ what fun and they are gorgeous! I would love to have real holly that we don't have to pay an arm and a leg for!

Kasey said...

I could have used one of your wreaths here.
or maybe you could have shown me how to make one?

Jacqueline said...

Your wreaths are going to look beautiful. I've half made one of mine but, as usual I'm a little behind with my Christmas decorating. You seem so well organised. I think that I need to take a few lessons from you. Enjoy your week even though it's a busy one. XXXX

Beach Vintage said...

Thats it, I am making a wreath this week if it kills me.

Kato said...

I would love it if you posted a 'How-to'!!

How incredibly festive and beautiful!

Federica said...

Thanks for having entered the Christmas Giveaway and good luck to you!
Have a nice day,

Tracey said...

Your wreaths, and your photos, are just so beautiful!!! Sounds like a wonderful time with friends!

I so enjoyed meeting you at Kasey's event...what a fabulous time it was!!

:) T

A Gift Wrapped Life said...

You have the best gal-times! Your wreath is wonderful. Xo

Dustjacket Attic said...

Oh I would so like to be able to make a gorgeous wreath like yours. The berries and holly are the best.

Philigry said...

that sounds like so much fun! I love the post about the sweets too! I made pretzels like that a few years ago. it was so easy and fun. thanks for the inspiration!