12 March 2010

when I grow up...

~photo by evgenia messenger

Am I the only one that asks myself "what do I want to be when I grow up"? Or, maybe, it is more like "whom do I want to be"...

These past few years have been filled with such growth, and it continues daily. I can go weeks at a time without really thinking about it, and then, suddenly, something enters my life that makes me ask the question again. Such is the case with Christina Dickson - an inspiring photographer who found her path at an incredibly young age. I found her in the spring edition of Boho magazine. By day she is a wedding photographer - and a talented one at that. However, when she isn't shooting happy couples, she is shooting very different subjects. She shoots the challenged, the homeless, and most recently, she traveled to India to shoot the beauty of the people of that country. This girl inspires me.

~photo by evgenia messenger

I dream of traveling to foreign lands - I have said it before, and I will continue to say it in hopes that in putting it "out there" it will bring the dream to fruition. I want to shoot women, women of different cultures, different races, different ages, with different beliefs.

I seem to be surrounded by incredibly inspiring women. One such friend has been nearly everywhere. If she had a web site, I would happily share it with you. I will - when she gets it up and going. No pressure Ev... All of the photos in this post are hers. They are the stuff of dreams for me~ wait until you see the rest of them!

~the photographer herself

And then there is talk. Of a project - a project to start something that empowers women with a skill that in turn gives them independence. Talk by a girl that doesn't just talk, she does. She is amazing, and if anyone will make this happen, it is she. And I dream of shooting it - shooting it all, the entire process. A dream come true, really. And so I think positive thoughts, and dream of busy streets, and vibrant colors, of spicy foods and beautiful people.

~photo by evgenia messenger

I know it will happen. One day opportunity will knock, and I can't wait to open the door. But for now, I will count down until France, and feel so incredibly blessed~



VMcreation-fashion-studio-atelier said...

Such a beautiful dream do you have,dear Mimi!-)*

Positive thinking ,this is a mostly imortant in my life too,I am absolutely agree with you!

I like you post very,very much!

Have a wonderful weekend,dear Mimi!

Love and care,


Simply Mel said...

You are so right, speak it loud and say it over and over because 'putting it out there' will indeed make it all a reality! Your friend's work is stunning, and I look forward to seeing your creative path of photography unfold....

Blondie's Journal said...

Your dreams are the starting point.

I love your friend's work. Beautiful.


Martha said...

Oh wouldn't that be wonderful...I bet YOU would have some amazing pictures too ~ those are just gorgeous...I definitely dream of traveling some day of which I would love to really know the art of photography

Cathi said...

Your friends photos are beautiful...and I believe you will make your dreams come true. There is no better feeling in the world then being of service to people and to help improve their lives....!! Go for it! :)

DustyLu said...

Beautiful Post! I believe too that when you say your dreams outloud they come true..and yes you are putting it out there! Very inspiring photos..So much talent..Thank you for sharing..~lulu

Simone said...

Her photos are amazing, I remember them from before....SO beautiful.

Very inspiring....


Alejandra Dorado said...

simplemente espectaculares!!!!
Un abrazo

Dianna said...

Dear Mimi,

I found your blog today when I was over at Farm Girl Cyn's checking out her Spring Fling Giveaway. The picture of the older Indian woman just pulled me right in and I had to come by and check out your blog! Then when I checked out today's post I had to join your site. That only led to coming on over so I could leave you a comment!

I wanted to EXCITEDLY tell you that you and I share a dream! A photographer I am not...but I MOST definitely do have a dream of being able to help women all over the world...particularly of third world countries...to be able to sell their goods for what they are worth in helping these women to earn an income that would meet the needs of their families. I've read about the need for something like this for many many years, but about 15 years or so ago I had opportunity to visit Mexico City as our daughter's family were missionaries there at the time. During my visits they would take me to outlying towns and villages and it would break my heart to see "tourists" take advantage of these dear women who had labored so greatly. When I would decide to buy something I always looked for one that I thought no one else would buy ~ if you get my point ~. That's where my dream began...the dream of helping these women.

So ~ let's dream big together, shall we?

Clarity said...

Encouraging and touching. The photographs are interesting, too :) Follow your dreams, always.

Jeanneoli said...

You are a beautiful photographer and I know these dreams will come true for you. My friend just got back from Africa and I can't wait to see all her photos.

Kare@Trublue2 said...

Wow. Simply wow. An absolutely beautiful post. Inspiring. Incredible pictures.

May your dream trip to France lift you in a way that inspires your dreams to fruition.

Blessings to you....


Jemsmom said...

Those portraits are incredible and incredibly inspiring. I love photography and am inspired in a way that I never thought before after reading your article. You are amazing and thoughtful! I see you doing great things, my friend!

I am already jealous of your trip to France and I just got back from there! You will have such a wonderful time and the weather should be so much better than what we had in January! Can't wait to see your pictures !!!

Charlotta Ward said...

Thank you for the introduction!
What amazing pictures and what amazing women. The intensity in their eyes!!

I look forward to seeing more of her work and to hear more about your journey. Sounds like you have tapped into that 'greater thing' that makes us all mindful of our purpose.

Have a great and inspiring weekend!


Prulletje said...

I know what you mean ! take time to slow down, look around and enjoy your day ;-)

MODERN Prairie Girl said...

The very fact that you are so open to possibility and so willing to answer the door when the knock comes is what will make things happen.

You are a marvel at so many things, Kimberly---it such a joy as your friend to see you realize your dreams and BELIEVE (I'm hoping that's the first word on your mind as it IS your word for the year).

It will all come...and
it. will. be. fabulous.

WhiteWhispers2u said...

Great Post~ When I grow-up I want to be an Old Woman. That means I have lived a long Life!

I also want to enjoy it along the way.There is always something to learn from someone else.If you can capture that through your photos forever that's amazing.

I have some Middle Eastern Indian friends they have taught me how to cook the most amazing Indian food ever.They are very dear to me, Amazing Women!I love culture~

Part of manifesting your dreams is live it, think it and believe it.It then will come to pass.~Kim

Jenea said...

Hi Mimi! Where do you live?
My uncle every year go in India too! I like this beautiful place very much, I have one good friend there! :)
Have a nice day!

Lori said...

You talk about girl crushes all the time ~ but don't you know sweet girl that there are those that have a girl crush on you!! I love seeing things that inspire you because your inspiration runs over into your blog and you pay it forward each and every day. ((hugs)) Love from me ~ one that has a girl crush on you!

Ange said...

It's in the making cupcakes...It is written. The project will be launched this year! Have your emergency travel bags packed and ready ;-)

Prairiemaid said...

Love the pictures. They are amazing.

Stopping by to say congratulations on your award from Dianna.


Ciara said...

What a dream. A beautiful dream. And I've no doubt you will do it!

Stunning photos. Puts a longing on me! Memories of India...

Megan said...

One of your many gifts is they way you capture beautiful images.

I remember hearing this somewhere, not sure where but it's such a good reminder to stay on track.

A dream without a plan is only a wish.
-Maryanne white

No doubt, you'll get there:)

Happy week ahead!

Texan in UAE said...

I'm from Texas and lived all over the world. My final destination is, United Arab Emirates. You have inspired me to taking more pictures. I have seen so many beautiful sites, that many people really don't pay any attention to. My husband just got me a Nikon d90, as a precious gift. I will use it. Just to get started. LOL This world is full of such amazing things. To me, my cam is the best way to keep those memories alive.

God bless, from United Arab Emirates

She Wore It Well said...

Very thought provoking post.

Right now I'm trying not to think about what and who I want to be as I can't afford it... but one day.

joyce said...

what a beautiful blog to happen upon. I love your dream of photographing women. Check out the organisation "women for women international" I like their concept of women helping women.

annie laurie miller said...

I encourage you to pursue your dreams!

Christina is my roommate and what I've learned most from living with her is she just does it!

Best of luck!