21 February 2010

my favorite foodie sites

~courtesy La Tartine Gourmande

My favorite foodie sites are always on my sidebar. I check in with them every day, as they provide inspiration when sometimes, I desperately need it. There is everything from cooking to baking to meal planning to tricks of the trade. I admire these women as I really think that they are finding a way to do what they are passionate about, as well as making a life out of it. The photography on some of the sites is truly incredible and yet ANOTHER inspiration for me. I really think you are going to enjoy visiting them as well~

Aran at
Cannelle et Vanille is my hero. She cooks. She photographs. She styles. I have had the. worst. crush. on her. Forever. Oh, and she is nice - that is the kicker. This girl can make an eggshell look sexy. Seriously. case in point:

I definitely *heart* her~ don't you just want to climb into these photos???

Another amazing dual-inspiration blogger is Beatrice from La Tartine Gourmande. The fact that she is French immediately attracted me to her site - her photography (not only of food but of life itself) has kept me there, waiting for new posts, going back through her archives. She is truly an inspiration with her styling ability and the magic she creates with the camera. While her main focus on this site seems to be food, she shoots everything, from landscapes, to farm animals (we all know how much I love those), to people.

Joy the Baker really seems to LOVE what she does. She looks good with flour in her hair (okay, seriously, she always looks good - the girl looks like she belongs in the movies), she bakes everything from sweets and treats to breads to savories. I love that she is so passionate about it all - that she really seems to have found where she is supposed to be. She has also hooked up with two other movie-star-looking lovelies to create a sassy, sexy, fabulously fun event that they host in the LA area - On the Lamb Food and Beverage. If you live anywhere near Los Angeles, I would definitely check it out. Sounds like a memorable event!

Molly from Orangette is one of my favorites because not only has she written a book (that I love) but she lives in my city! She loves to cook, when she is not setting up a fantastical new pizza joint with her cutie of a husband. She also writes for my favorite cooking magazine, has a podcast, and basically fits more things into her life than I think should be possible.

Clotilde from Chocolate & Zucchini was recommended by my French teacher. The beauty of this site is that it is offered both en Anglais et en Francais! Clotilde lives in Paris and writes with such heart as she so clearly loves what she does. She has been blogging since 2003, not to mention she too has a book! She writes not only about cooking and baking, but about menu planning, shopping, what tools to use, and she shares tricks on how to make things work if they are a bit tricky. I really enjoy this blog when I am feeling especially "foodie".

Deb from Smitten Kitchen is fabulous for multiple reasons - one of which is the fact that she creates in a truly tiny space, and yet the magic that comes out of said teeny tiny space is incredible. I love that she takes "in the process" photos along with the finished product. She also will take an existing recipe that calls for processed items and come up with her own version that will be truly from scratch and much healthier, yet just as delicious!

Enjoy your Sunday mes amies, and maybe, cook something marvelous!


Mikal said...

LOVE this post... You "foodie" list was one of my favorite things when I found you!

I just made one of the dishes from Smitten Kitchen, oh yum!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the peek into these sites - I will for sure take a look. I would love to be able to prepare such pretty food but it seems like I always have to hurry and make the old boring standbys - it's definately all in the presentation and these photos are beautiful. I hope I get inspired! I can look at a cookbook all day but I think these are just what I need to start enjoying cooking and setting a table with pretty food.

Emily said...

that was all art...too pretty to eat!

Flower Patch Farmgirl said...

I fear that once I leap headlong into the world of the foodie blog, I may never find my way back out...

ps- Molly's book rocked my blessed socks off. Especially the wedding chapter.

Little Emma said...

Thank you so much, those sites are really great and they make me want to bake immediately...

Victoria@WhimsybyVictoria said...

I love these photos...not only beautiful, but makes you hungry! Thank you for introducing us to some amazing food blogs...on my way to follow and see more. :)


Jackie said...

I LOVE these sites - I just found Cannelle et Vanille recently and am completely blown away by her photography (and recipes). They are all amazing and you're right - definitely inspiring on those days I feel uninspired to cook. Thanks for sharing them!!

A Refocused Life said...

YUM!!! Such wonderful images...and foodie sites. Thanks for sharing.

Megan said...

Yuuuum! If it wasn't such a gorgeous day your post would send me into a baking frenzy! I'll be sure to check these sites out!

Kasey said...

maybe one day my lovely little cooking blog {kasey's smitten bakery} will make it to your site.
fingers crossed.

hometown girl said...

i cannot wait to check these out! i have Molly's book it's wonderful! thanks for sharing. have a great week. susan

Laurie said...

Oh WOW! All the pics are so beautiful. I can't wait to visit each and every one of them! I'm forwarding this post to my daughter who will love these too!

Enjoy the sunshine for another day!

Nikki said...

I've been trying to get to Orangette's Delancy and try it out. Have you been?

Fabulously french said...

Hello love your "foodie" list. Merci beaucoup for letting me know re being in Romantic Homes with you and Miss Archer - what fabulous news.

We are not able to get the magazine here and I wondered if it was possible for you to scan the page and email it to me or alternatively get you to buy me a copy and I could send you some money via paypal.

Leeann x

Kato said...

Mimi, you are a godsend for this. I have been wanting to change up my menu very much lately, and these are inspiring!

Thank you!

Philigry said...

this is a great post! beautiful pictures of the food. I am starving now!

stephanie said...

beautiful. and i'm hungry now :)

VMcreation-fashion-studio-atelier said...


When I see these photos,I wil make it!!!All of them..it should be impossible!-)

Thank you SO much for share about all sites with many,many tastes!

Love and hugs,


Kristin said...

...and now I'm starving!! most of these are my favorites as well. I pored over every page of Chocolate & Zucchini and marked more pages than not for future cooking and baking!

this was a great post... thanks!