29 November 2009

my fantastical four day weekend~

Weekends in general around here are pretty fabulous. Time spent hanging out with five of my very favorite people always holds some adventure or another. However, having four whole days together really is a treat, and something that I don't take for granted.

Not only did we begin the weekend with a wonderful Thanksgiving, filled with incredible food and even better company (my aunties and Gram), but it just continued to get better from there!

#s 1 & 2 went with me on our annual Christmas Tree hunt and we had so much fun! (okay, maybe it was that I had so much fun and they humored me, but really, we all laughed a lot, and does it really matter that we were laughing at each other...?)

After a delay in getting off of the property - remedied by a handy husband and some jumper cables to *help* the truck start, we were off. We probably saw every tree at least three times and as it was #2's first time with us, he quickly tired of #1 and I finding flaws in every. tree. we found. Thankfully, #1 was very patient with #2 and explained to him that it didn't matter if the first tree we saw was the best tree - mom had to see every. single. tree on the farm before a decision could be made. Thus, just hush and keep looking. The problem was, so many of them had needles that were already dying and I refuse to cut down a tree that is already on its way out. Again, I was thankful when #1 informed us that "he sees dead trees" and could pretty much call them a good 20 feet out...

We did however find the PERFECT tree! Well, yes, as a matter of fact it does only stand about 4 feet tall. And yes, it does closely resemble the tree in "A Charlie Brown Christmas".

Well, maybe you haven't noticed, but little trees are all the rage this year! I have seen them all over the internet, and now, lucky for me, I can see one every single day - in our living room! As soon as she is completely decorated, I will take some photos of her as, quite honestly, she is absolutely adorable.

So, after we became a family with a tree, there were still TWO days left in the weekend! Talk about gleeful~ We pulled out clay and had fun making all sorts of crazy/wacky/holiday creations. We watched movies - well, okay, maybe the males watched movies while I worked on other things. I really did want to watch Up with them, but I happened to come in at the half-way point and you really can't start a movie in the middle! Trust me, it is on my "to do" list as they all seemed to have loved it.

On top of all of that, we ate really well. Honestly, between our Thanksgiving meal, our fabulous day-after left-overs, and homemade pasta I feel like we were a bit glutinous this weekend. That being said, it was absolutely delightful!

I hope you too had a wonderful weekend and that your week is filled with festive moments that have you excited about this wonderful holiday season!



Federica said...

Sounds like a very beautiful long weekend! Lucky girl!

Anonymous said...

I had no idea about the little tress, but I am craving one. Fun post!

Laura said...

I just may go with a mini tree myself this year! Am impressed with your homemade pasta! Glad you had a good long weekend...enjoy the season!
Take care, Laura

MiaNostalgia said...

Sounds great to have four days off to spend whith your favorite persons.

Whish you a happy week.

Ange said...

Wow! You make your own pasta. I gave up on that without even trying. FILED! Straight into the too hard basket ;-) I even sold my pasta maker to a girl who makes jewellery out of FIMO modeling clay. You clever Mum you! As for the tree - I am still going to get my 2m tree for the loungeroom. I just love them too much...will post pics

Jacqueline said...

There's nothing better than a family weekend, is there ?
Choosing the tree in our household is fraught with indecision, danger.....but that's another story.
You are so good, making your own pasta. I think that your family are very lucky to have you. XXXX

Niki said...

Hi, I don't know how I found your blog but I love it. I have 4 boys too. Aged 13 to 3. Loves of my life.
Mine too adored the film "UP" it was fantastic.
Anyway just dropped in to say hi.

Lori said...

What a wonderful week-end you had Kim! Sounds like just the right amount of getting things done and relaxing. Happy Monday ~ I hope you have a great week. xo

Christine--RHP said...

--that sounds like such a lovely, cozy, family weekend!!

and I've been a little tree person my whole life--I guess now I'm in style!

Debra said...

What a fabulous weekend there! We always use a table-top tree...so much easier and let's face it-they are cute! This year we may be getting a couple of them! I'm having pie withdrawal today!

Jboo said...

What a great 4-day weekend you all had! Spending time with family -- so sweet and fun! I love the little trees too!


Mikal said...

I now have proof that I'm not the only particular tree shopper! Thank heavens! I am LOVING that photo of the sunflowers? Is it available for purchase by chance? It would be the perfect touch to my cheery kitchen!


jen laceda said...

Hi Mimi,
Hope you had a great thanksgiving! I hope to get to know you more through your blog. Thanks for joining my blog and the camera giveaway. Good luck and best wishes to you!

-Jen from Les Filles Giada et Cairo and Folie a Deux

Philigry said...

sounds perfect!

MODERN Prairie Girl said...

So glad you had a fabulous time! Looking forward to seeing you!

Florence said...

Your tree searching adventure sounded wonderful and yes you do have to check all the trees out, I love the idea of a mini tree, I might just have to go find one. Florence

Cathi said...

what a wonderful weekend. we used to go chop our tree down every year when I lived in Northern California.

I love Charlie Brown trees, was thinking of getting a small one this year too...wow, I didn't know they were all the rage...haha...:)

Have a great day!

Angelica Bays, TygrLilies.com said...

OHh...can't..resist...Blog is ...much too ...attractive!must.... follow!

Dustjacket Attic said...

Oh that just sounds so great. What a totally gorgeous happy family you have. You guys sound the best parents.

I loved the photo of your son holding the tree up, fabulous.


Lucas Mendes said...

I see you´ve got a really nice day with your family! and lovely photos!

Mónica said...

Sounds like an adventure!
I want to see your tree with the decorations.
Love the sunflowers photo, beatiful!

prashant said...

Am impressed with your homemade pasta
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The Artist Within Us said...

I can understand trying to find the perfect tree, after all we are artists and we see flaws others do not.

I love reading about it and how in the end you did come back to the tree you saw in the beginning, but at least you know you made sure it was he best.

Wishing you and your family all the very best this season,

agreat said...

It’s a great family bonding. I’m jealous. I wish I could have a bonding with mine too.

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yuki said...

Oh! Making pasta… my favorite. This is my favorite month of the year aside from my birthday. It’s just full of wonderful and not so wonderful memories.

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HeddyShea said...

looks like you had a great extended weekend! I am in agreement with the small tree this year (although my husband has other thoughts). We'll see who wins this struggle!

Have a very wonderful weekend friend!


Kato said...

My absolute favorite time of year!

Glad you enjoyed your weekend!