19 November 2009

studio fabulousness

Yesterday I had the most glorious time with my sweet artist friend in her studio.

Her work space is wonderful - it is open, filled with natural light, and when you are there, you are surrounded by every creative, colorful tool you can imagine! If you aren't feeling productive when you arrive at Seahorse Studio, you will be the minute you step through the doors~

I brought various projects with me as I wasn't sure what I wanted to work on when I left my home. I was able to get a start on a couple of different things before I realized that there were so many photo opportunities - which of course I couldn't pass up!

this octopus is actually painted on gelatin!

You see, my friend is an incredibly talented artist - there really is nothing she can't do. Her paintings are amazing and as she is a scientist at heart, she always finds the craziest techniques for making her beautiful pieces~


Simply Mel said...

Every time I see a palette of colors, my heart sings a happy song!

karey m. said...

i want to squidge my hands in that first photo...

perfection. loving this studio.

Ange said...

Lucky you! All those beautiful colours and a very talented friend!! I would love to visit with you one day. Very intriguing little soldier there on some pretty material! Off to check out your friend's blog then ;-)

A Gift Wrapped Life said...

All your days sound so good! and so creative!Baking, sewing, then doing artwork. My heavens, I can't figure out if I am jealous or all worn out following your full and busy days. Neither, just happy for you. XO

my wonderland said...

I adore studios!
have you seen Dior's?
they all have beautiful pieces, end models and theyrejust wonderful!

FrenchGardenHouse said...

This looks like such a great time! Spending time with a friend you love, doing creative things= the BEST.
xo Lidy

truly blessed said...

WOW! i just checked out her site and she is insanely talented. what amazing work she does! i bet it was exhilerating being in her studio! lucky you! what fun!

Federica said...

Love that first photo :)
Happy weekend!

red ticking said...

i love watercolors.... they make me smile... have a lovely weekend... x pam

MCJArt said...

It appears to be a beautiful world indeed!

An another artist in her studio,

~ MCJ ~