06 November 2009

new prints and happy friday!

It has been quite an inspired week around here. Well, aside from that bout with the stomach flu...It is amazing how productive I feel after laying in bed for an ENTIRE day!

I have also "met" a couple of people whom I find incredibly inspiring, which in turns gets my creative juices flowing, and my mind racing with all of the fabulous things I want to work on.

I was able to sneak in a couple of fun photo afternoons, and wanted to add a couple of prints to my etsy shop - which I have done. I really love working with textures and want to do more with them in the coming months.

I am also looking forward a wonderful day tomorrow with this sassy farm girl~ We are going to visit a couple wonderful, fabulous friends - stopping by to visit another inspiring lovely, and hopefully seeing one or two incredibly talented ladies. Crossing fingers!

Have a marvelous weekend mes amies - whether you are in for glorious sunny skies or cozy, blustery time indoors~



MODERN Prairie Girl said...

Can't wait! I have strawberry tea a-brewin'.

Have a great time at the sale...sad to not be able to go. Say "hi" to Cindy the Wonderful for me. See you at 4:00!

MODERN Prairie Girl said...

forgot to say that I love, love, love these new images. You are getting so darn good at the ethereal beauty shots---really impressive, Kim.

Ange said...

Now what do you call that gorgeous fruit in English again. Your shots take my breath away. I am in awe!

Queen B. said...

beautiful images.......totally beautiful.

Lori said...

Lovely photos Kim ~ you have such an eye and I would love to go out on a sunny afternoon with you to take some shots. Glad that you are feeling better. Have a wonderful week-end!

Jill said...

Love the images Kim. Say "howdy" to Joe, Jemonne and Cindi from me!

Enjoy your day...

Lori said...

i just nominated you for an award :o)

vosges paris said...

wow I see a whole list of blogs in your profile .... must explore a bit ;) Thanks for joining!

paige said...

these images are lovely!!
you are amazing
ps-i dreamed i won a free ticket to kasey's gig...wouldn't that be fantastic!! HA!

Morning T said...

Incredible photos, as usual! Happy Monday. :-)