08 May 2010

for grandmas and my french famille~

Today was absolutely gorgeous. Stunning, really. As it hasn't been anything but crappage as of late, I enjoyed every. single. minute.

After spending time working on the property and enjoying a fabulous slow-cooked dinner (which cooked all day so that I could be out in the gardens for hours) the boys and I had a bonfire. We watched the sun slowly sink into the western sky, roasted marshmallows, and enjoyed s'mores.

While doing this, I thought of two things. First of all, with tomorrow being Mother's Day, I thought it would be fun to shoot some photos of the boys to send the Grandma's tomorrow.

Secondly, I thought of ma famille francaise. You see, while I was *living* with them, I introduced them to wonders of s'mores. Would you believe those poor children had NEVER had s'mores? Never! It was tragic, really. But fear not, auntie Kim fixed that little oversight and now, all is right with the world again~

~photos shamelessly stolen from french family...

Anyway, I thought it would be nice to share a few photos with them so that they could see where we make our s'mores here on the farm. And, maybe, tempt them to come visit and see for themselves... :)

I hope you all have a wonderful Mother's Day tomorrow ~ whether it is enjoyed with children of your own, or your mothers.


(what are those fabulous actions on my photos you ask? check back tomorrow for more on that!)


Missing Goat said...

we are so much alike - s'mores by the fire is a big hit here too. I did a post back in the summer, and all these people asked what they were - I was shocked!

red ticking said...

charming post... have a wonderful mother's day. xx pam

Privet and Holly said...

Happy Mother's Day, Kim! I never thought of s'mores as a uniqely American tradition, but it really is! {Hey, we have something cool that the French don't!}It is something that kids of all ages {including THIS one} never tire of. It goes beyond the sweet sticky perfection of the tastes blending together....has to do with the fire, the camaraderie and often, the stars! Have a beautiful day.
xx P&H

paige said...

wonderful photos of those handsome boys of yours
have a wonderful mothers day sweet kim
& ps
i bought both sets too!

Laura @ 52 FLEA said...

Happy Mother's Day! Mmm....those s'mores are making me think of warm evenings at the lake! Have a great day! :)

picklefork3 said...

Happy Mom's Day. Love the pics, patiently waiting to find out about the actions.

VMcreation-fashion-studio-atelier said...

Happy,happy Mom day for you too,dear Kim!!!-)*

Many sunshining hugs,

the cinnamon post said...

how I would love a day out in the garden...and then a slow cooked savoury dinner...and smores!
such a dream day.
i hope it was as delicious as it sounds!

Julie@beingRUBY said...

Oh I've never had s'mores either!! Those photos of your boys are great .. and the one of you with Ange's darlings is priceless... Hope your Mothers Day was fab. xx Julie

The Little Red Shop said...

Happy Mother's Day and Beautiful Weekend, Kimberly!

: )

Julie M.

Martha said...

s'mores are so great...so glad you did that...looks so fun!!! those pictures are wonderful of your handsome boys Kim!! {but I'm sure you already knew that}

Ange said...

You French famille says, "s'mores just aren't as good without you around to make them." Really. Just. not. the. same.

Have to sort out a set up like yours to make them with - it may help. I have been given back my rightful place on the computer after a smoreless weekend of being ousted from the house ;-)

Looking forward to catching up with all that's been happening

Nikki said...

Do you have an airstream?! That is awesome. I'm trying to decide if I could live in one for a year or two while we build our house. I might be happier in a roomier 5th wheel...as hideous as they are.

Happy Mother's Day!