05 May 2010

France jour 4 - les filles head south~

Paris had to end, as there were trains to board and gorgeous southern french villages to visit!

We hugged Simone goodbye (yes, there were tears on my part - aren't there always?!?) and headed to Gare Lyon. While there was a strike on, many of the trains, ours included, were still running and on time. We grabbed a cafe and boarded our train. It flew through the French countryside, with beautiful homes, chateaus, and rolling hills. Before we knew it, we were pulling into the station in Avignon and leaving the train in search of our rental car. We signed on the dotted line and loaded up our luggage. We were off to St. Remy!

As neither of us had driven a stick shift in a number of years, it was decided that I would drive as I felt a bit more confident at that point. Kasey was the designated navigator and she was truly a pro when it came to navigating the round-abouts and spotting local patisseries! What else did we need?

We stopped for a snack and to ask directions in St. Remy and as we sat at our little table, in the sunshine - with our quiche, croque monsieur, and eclairs, we both looked at each other and sighed. We were HERE! We did it!

After we enjoyed our dejeuner, we hopped back into our car and headed for our French Mas. We were so excited to see it, and we were not disappointed. If you are ever in St. Remy de Provence, Mas de Carassins is the place to stay. It is fabulous! The mas itself is beautifully done, the grounds are amazing, and the food - honestly, divine.

~the gorgeous entry

~the beautiful courtyard where tea is served every afternoon

~the name of our room "magnaneraie"

~we *loved* our room!

~the sitting area of our room - complete with wine

~every afternoon was spent sitting next to the pool...

~the dining room was beautiful - we fell in love with the linens

~the menu the first night - it was superb!

~everything was so rustic, and this beautiful shade of grey - and goregous.

While there, Karine took such good care of us. She provided us with maps to the brocante, as well as endless information. We were however so. very. sad to have not had the chance to meet Pierre. We had many conversations prior to our trip about our beloved Pierre, as I had talked to him before the trip and oh, that lovely French accent... Next time Pierre - we will book our stay for when you are there!


Anne - Fiona and Twig said...

Although I haven't commented on your most excellent adventure yet, I have been following it, and I've loved every minute!

Your images and prose have been a delight for the senses, thank you!

Have a beautiful Wednesday,

Maija said...

Holy freaking doodle!! What an amazing trip!!! Come to my blog and be my friend for a giveaway!! www.maigirlz.typepad.com

Privet and Holly said...

KIM! These are lovely. Didn't you just want to pack up every inspiring image that you saw in your suitcase and bring it home?? The gardens, the linens, the food, the wrought iron, the way the sunlight feels.... different, there....Great trip and I'm loving being there as a little bird on your shoulder, taking it all in. xx P&H

ZAIRA said...

Thank you for being so kind and generous with me!!

I love to see how people get affected by Provence and feel the same way I felt the first time I've been there. Last year I took my mom with me,we were staying at Isle sur la Sorgue; she had never been outside Italy before, she was happy like a child. I hope to take her to Paris very soon...I would like to make her as a present!!

Hugs, xxx

Paris Atelier said...

What a gorgeous stay in the country! Those pictures are amazing and the mas is divine!

Mela said...

Provence pics always make me dream...The sun, the grass, the smells, the stoned houses...Beautiful!
xo Mela

DustyLu said...

Sound and looks so fun and beautiful. Such style and elegance. I love it and hope to someday visit! Happy Cinco De Mayo

the cinnamon post said...


Dario Ferrari Photos said...

Very nice reportage...!

I'm looking forward to visit again france...!So thank you for this anticipations!!!

Have a nice day!


Morning T said...

Great photos as usual Kim and your getaway sounds like it was so fabulous!

Kristin said...

Lovely blog! Found it through Little Emma English home! Think we share the same love for Paris! Have a lovely day/evening!!

Kristin xxxx

Ange said...

Rien de tel que les rond points en Provence ...et les patisseries ;-) I can just hear those cicadas chirping but under the prevailing weather conditions, read: DELUGE, you are missing nothing of Provence for the moment!!!

fräulein klein said...

Hello! I enjoy your beautiful photos! I love france!!!!
Hugs, Yvonne

VMcreation-fashion-studio-atelier said...

Dear Kim:-)***

You amazed me and not only me with you talent to make the nicest photos!!!
And you staying in France is SO unbeleivebly fabulous,I enjoed all you post from you enchanted trip...

Thank you SO much for share,

Lori said...

I absolutely love hearing all about your adventure Kim and your pictures are fabulous!!

natasha said...

SIGH! I had to defer my big trip to Provence and Italy that I had planned for this year until next year, so am just living vicariously through your posts. I love them! I think I looked at Mas de Carassins (I probably spelled that incorrectly) as an option but will definitely stay there when I do go as it looks beautiful from your photos, and Pierre sounds like an excellent incentive to boot! heh ;)

FrenchBlue said...

Gulp! Kim! You seriously are SO lucky to have had this time with a girlfriend! What a precious and beautiful life you are creating! Keep up whatever it is you are doing and doors will continue to open~~Gosh this trip seems like heaven to me...Thanks SO MUCH for sharing your time~~

paige said...

oh i can only imagine....
the room looks like something right out of a dream
the linens & the purple...love

gorgeous images kim

oh & thank you thank you thank you for all your fabulous advice.
i truly adored chatting with you.
blessings to you sweet girl

Missing Goat said...

oh, you've brought back so many memories..how jealous I am!!!!!!

Kathy said...

I am dripping with envy....my neighbor just came home from Paris with a beautiful container filled with Laudree maccaroons for me..as I read this I am stuffing myself I can't help it.....

Kasey said...

i remember it like it was yesterday...and i can still taste that eclair.

Jeanneoli said...

What an incredible room! I am so thankful that you had such an amazing time. I am counting down the days for my turn!

FrenchGardenHouse said...

sigh. Dreamy. Beyond. What a wonderful time you've had!! xo Lidy