10 May 2010

new prints in the shop!

I have added a couple of new prints to the shop. I would post them here, but they are in my header, and in the post below. And honestly, how many times can you look at the same photos!

Back tomorrow with jour 5 in the south of France!



Anne - Fiona and Twig said...

Well, if it's THESE gorgeous images you're referring to, I can safely say that I could gaze at them for hours. Wow!

Your art...I don't call them photos, because they are art...are such an inspiration!


LouBoo said...

Hi - really like the new header! Gorgeous...I can look at great pictures over and over :-)
Louise x

FEDERICA said...

Oh I love them!!!

Privet and Holly said...

Congratulations on getting home and organized from your travels AND already having these amazing prints in your shop! xx P&H PS: Looking forward to your next installment!

Mikal said...

Love the new header!

Happy day to you,