02 February 2009

17/365 old is new inspiration

Clearly last week wasn't a strong week around here.  I was sick.  Really sick.  And I don't get sick often. 
We then went away for three days.  It was nice.  It would have been nicer had I not been sick.

I am back today though!  I wanted to share my wonderful/fabulous/exciting finds from the flea market yesterday!

drumroll please...

If you are terribly clever, you can see that there are *two* things I found yesterday.  The first was my new Duaflex IV which I used (after making my prototype light remover/contraption/whatchamacallit) to take this photo of my second great find - my little Brownie Reflex 20!  

Oh the fun we are going to have~
Have a fabulous Monday lovelies!

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