04 February 2009

The time has come...

Our home was built in 1928, and then renovated (totally) in 1984.  There are many things I *love* about our home (the windows and the ceilings are my favorites).  We have a beautiful view from the window (we see the apple trees, the pond, and chez poulez - the hen house). There are also things that I would like to improve upon...  

One of these places would be our master bath.  I hesitate to use the word "bath", seeing as there certainly is not a bath to be found.  Somehow, "master shower" just doesn't seem to truly describe our bathroom.  

The first thing one might notice (considering it pretty much smacks you in the face the minute you cross the threshold) is the brick red walls.  While the previous owners had the room decorated in a way that the red seemed to work (with all of the brass and the yellow toilet and sink for instance), I just can't seem to find a way to like it.  

When you somehow get past the red walls, you notice that there is a very unattractive, yet relatively new shower surround where a lovely tub should stand.  You see, the bathroom once had a tub, with these *fabulous* little gold one inch tiles surrounding it.   Sadly, those tiles were not sealed correctly and not long after we took possession of the house, water began to appear on the ceiling above our dining area.  Funny, seeing as the tub sat right above the dining area...  As we had just taken on a mortgage that was a little overwhelming in itself, there was nothing extra for a major bathroom remodel.  Thus, out came the tub and in went the lovely shower, complete with seat for my husband to relax on each morning.  Incredibly, that seat just didn't quite cut it when it came to trying to soak and/or relax during pregnancy...

When we installed the shower, we had some extra space, which I had hoped to put in some shelving.  Anyone with an older house knows the challenges of lack of storage space.  I still hope to shelf this baby up, but am up for any suggestions on a door as I don't want anything heavy there.  Thoughts?

The bathroom still has that original yellow sink, which I hope to remove/replace with something white - preferably salvaged.  Anyone know anything about that?  Advice is *GREATLY* appreciated.

The current cabinets - which we plan to keep and paint, are currently dark gray and have this awful rough texture on them.  That being said, as I think it is more than I am up for to remove the texture (I am pretty sure it was one of those lovely spray-on jobs...) so painting will probably improve them immensely.

We did have to replace the toilet as the old one just didn't like to flush anything more than two and a half squares of toilet paper.  'Nuff said...

So, here is what I am putting out there.  I think that I would like to paint the walls a very pale gray/blue and then paint the cabinets a darker shade that would match some towels we received for Christmas and have yet to use.  I am thinking black accents, white counter (already there), white sink and toilet, and the carpet is nearly black but actually quite cool (if you must have carpet in your bathroom that is...).

If anyone has thoughts/suggestions/photo inspiration - please let me know.  This is the bathroom I would like:

That being said, I am sure I can do something that I will also love~


AnNicole @ OurSuburbanCottage said...

I'm laughing because I just barely posted about my plans for a master bath redo. I'll look for post over again when I have some more time to offer suggestions, but I love your inspiration photo. You'll have a beautiful bathroom when you're finished.

AnNicole @ OurSuburbanCottage said...

I can't believe I'm the only person to comment. Geez, where is everybody. I swear I'm not a stalker :).

Ok - I looked at your post again. I love your ideas for the wall color, repainting the cabinets and a white sink.

Unfortunately, I don't know much about shopping for salvaged items....sorry. But a nice white sink will feel so much better in there I'm sure.

As far as the door goes, it doesn't look like you have a lot of space for a door to open. I was thinking you could find a cool salvaged door, but I'm not sure about it fitting. You could always do a rod across the top and hang heavy canvas or something too. I don't know...just shooting from the hip. I can't wait to see your progress!

AsifRashid said...
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