28 February 2009

Saturday morning

I have decided that there simply aren't enough hours in the day...  As I sit here on a beautiful Saturday morning, so many plans and projects come to mind.  I would love to get out and shoot something fabulous in the morning light.  I would love to make a big breakfast for my four man-children, as well as my husband, Gram, and another random child who happened to be here last night.  But then I open my beloved mac, for just a moment, and find this, which led me to this, and off to this.(you know how I adore lemons!)  Now I want to make something fabulous for dessert, which would mean a trip to the grocery somewhere within my day.  And then, I find her, and what?  She is local?  Inspirational *and* local?  And wait, didn't I want to spend some time in the gardens today?  But chez poulez really needs to be cleaned...  And I need to find where the water is leaking from the pond, and where shall we go on date night tonight? Oh yes, dinner - something fabulous for dinner, but what?  And although I would love to make it to the Saturday market (no, I really must make it, not only to find something for that fabulous dinner, but there is always something to shoot at the market!) is there really time?

So you see, in a perfect world, my days would consist of 36 hours, rather than 24.  Wouldn't that be divine?

Happy Saturday friends~


jlg said...

I know the feeling! Have a great day!

mammydiaries said...

Your site is absolutelutely bee - yoo -ti- full! The colours are lovely and the words make me smile:) Have a lovely Sunday!

Debra said...

I know exactly! Never enough time to do all that we hope to accomplish in a day. I sway from my list and then...there is nothing to cross off!

jlg said...

Hi! Me again!
I tag you, if you´d like to play. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

Awww, that is so sweet! Thanks for visiting my bloggy! I hope to see you at a Flickr meet-up sometime! There is a really fabulous group of Flickrites in Seattle...I think we're on to something!