13 February 2009

happy *love* day

I will admit - even though I don't totally buy into the Hallmark holidays, Valentines gets me.  I think it is the whole notion of a day celebrating love.  For me, it isn't just romantic love, but love for love's sake.  (It could also have something to do with being able to add all sorts of pink to things and not get any grief from all the males in this house...)

In our house, we will be quietly celebrating our love of family - spending time together.  Not that we need an excuse, but this really is my idea of a holiday~

Have a lovely weekend my friends,


AnNicole @ OurSuburbanCottage said...

Hmmm, I need a dose of your love for this holiday (no pun intendend). I will be celebrating tomorrow morning with my son, but other than that I'll be pouring myself into working on my bathroom....which I guess is a loving thing to do for myself - so that can't be all bad :).

Anonymous said...
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