08 November 2008


Happy Saturday!

I have been a bit MIA as of late, and I am sad to say that is due to the fact that coffee was introduced to my beloved computer, and she didn't much enjoy it.  I now realize how dependent I was on her, and how badly I should have been backing her up.  It has been a painful lesson, as I seem to have lost everything I had worked on these past 4 or 5 months.   Aside from the fact that my entire life schedule was on her hard drive, not to mention every one of my contacts, I lost all of the photos that I had taken - a LOT of photos.  My darling husband sent the hard drive away yesterday, so now we have entered into the "how much is recovering that content worth to you" conversations.  It could become very expensive, and so I am preparing myself for the possibility of never seeing any of it again...  There is a serious grieving process involved here.  I must admit however that I might be recovering, due to my early birthday present from truly the best, most wonderful, generous husband ever...  I will introduce you to my newest dear dear friend soon!  As for now....

Tomorrow we leave on a very romantic, food filled one week holiday/bit of work involved for hubby in ITALY!!!  We are flying into Turin, where we have never been, and I can't wait to venture through the city with my much loved Stella and her memory card!  I will be sure to post photos when we return~

Have a wonderful weekend my dears, and enjoy November - the month I like to consider my birth"month".  (birthday is just too short a duration to celebrate something so fabulous!)


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