17 November 2008

These are a few of my favorite things

although I should be posting photos of our Fab-You-Lus trip to Turin, it is monday morning.  and I have been awake since before 4 am.  jet lag.  not quite ready to download/mess around with/post all of the Won-Der-Filled photos that will remind me of such an amazing trip.  instead I figured I could use some inspiration for the week.  get things started off in a positive direction.  maybe take my mind off the smell of smoke from the oh-so-small fire that took place while we were away...

1.  I love being inspired by all of my favorite blogging women.  playing catch-up from when we were away, I am amazed at how incredible each of these ladies are.

2.  I love mornings, although not necessarily the 4 am variety, when the house is so peaceful because I am the only one awake.  and it is so QUIET (sshhhh...)

3.  I love my husband.   not only because he treats me like an absolute queen, spoils me rotten, gives great hugs, better kisses, and is always there to make me laugh.  he is also incredibly hot.  really.

4.  I love my four little princes, who occasionally make me crazy, but more often make me laugh.  and who I really don't spend nearly enough time with just being present and giving them all of my attention.  (something to definitely work on...)

5.  I love my grammy, who lives with us every other week and who is a constant source of love and calm in this crazy wild chaotic house.  I also need to work on my "being present" with her.  she is such a blessing.

6.  I love food, and my favorite food blogs that always make me hungry and provide such wonderful recipes/inspiration/motivation to play in my kitchen. I also love my kitchen.

7.  I love that each day I get a fresh start.  the ability to make changes and create the life/world/home that I dream about.  today is probably a great place to begin.

have a fabulous week~

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