25 November 2008

things I wouldn't mind finding under the tree this Christmas...

I have come upon a few lovelies that I would be happy to open this Christmas morning.  Honey, are you listening?  

I found this little bag over at Croska's Etsy shop~

While on the subject of bags and clutches, this is also quite lovely from dalinda's shop~

I certainly wouldn't mind this necklace from my darling Shutter Sisters!

As far as transporting my camera around, wouldn't it be nice to have something cute, like this from shootsac?

And although this might not fit under the tree, think of what a fabulous guesthouse it would make!


Joanie said...

The clutch is cute...I don't mind finding that under our Christmas tree as well or one of our Hanukkah nights. Great post!

tracey clark said...

what a delightful list! i hope you're sweetheart is reading. : )