27 November 2008

Christmas wish list version 2.0

In an effort to make this holiday season's shopping a bit easier for my darling and handsome husband, I thought I would send out a newly updated list, (links included honey) to help make it so easy and simple and lovely for him~

Living in Seattle, I could really use these boots!  

Of course I need the Welly socks  to go with them...

I would be quite happy carrying this (in peacock) around town.

Stella would love for me to have this bag (in red of course!) so that I could carry her everywhere with me!

I think that this painting looks so good with my gift list, don't you?

Truly, I love the photography of Mrs. French, but these two always catch my eye~


Yolanda said...

I could use those wellies too since I live down I 5 in ore.

Laurie said...

I need those boots! I'm not sure I could actually wear them cleaning out the chicken coop. I think they'd look better with a cute trench coat and shopping downtown! What do you think :>) ?

Anonymous said...

Hi Seattle!
Found you through Shutter Sisters comments. The description of your farm house in your profile makes me want a tour!

BTW, I have the Crumpler bag on your list and you wouldn't be disappointed! It's fab!

Happy Shooting...
From Spokane