14 January 2010

sometimes you just need pretty...

Today while trying to get nearly a dozen things done in the space of about 4 hours, I stole a few moments to visit some of my favorite blogs. My heart felt heavy as I had been watching a bit of news and reading even more on my beloved BBC online. Here I was, doing seemingly meaningless tasks (packaging pretties, tidying a frivolous work space, laundry, writing) while there was an entire country suffering for lack of the something as simple as water. I had a difficult time reconciling it in my own heart - how much do I go on, business as usual, and how much of myself do I dedicate to grieving, to empathizing with the fear and sadness that so many are feeling.

You see, I have always been a proactive person. If I see that something needs to be done, I go about finding a way to do it. But I am also known for (according to my husband) letting things that happen to others affect me deeply. Too deeply... You see, when I posted on Facebook yesterday that I wish I had the life where I could just hop a plane to Haiti and do something- anything to help, I meant it. I would. In a heartbeat. But not at the expense of leaving my children who need me right now, or my husband, who honestly couldn't cope as a single parent this month. And so I stay here, and dwell on what I could be doing, and what I should be doing.

So, while visiting my blog friends, I spent a moment with Kasey. Kasey with her incredible way with words, her fabulous sense of humor, and her eye for pretty things. And it hit me - I visit my blog friends for inspiration. I visit them when I need to find something that I can't seem to find in my own heart at that moment. And today, what I needed was something pretty. I needed to remember that there is always tragedy. There is always something that I could be doing to help someone who is suffering or in need. But there is also always beauty. There is beauty in the simplest of things. And today, after the sadness that I have felt, after managing a rather (insert your own adjective to describe an incredibly difficult child here) 7 year old over the past few days with a husband who arrives home no earlier than 11 pm these days, I needed pretty.

So, I followed Kasey's link to a site that was full of pretty.

And do you know what I did? I copied her.


Well, probably not completely as I don't know how she made her pretty little grouping of photographs, but I certainly would guess she didn't use photoshop...

Not that she couldn't.

Because she could.


Yup - completely totally.

(That little bit was for you Kasey - remember, imitation is the highest form of flattery... Okay, I am a copy cat. I copied you. But I didn't pull it off - because no one can be you.

Oh, and thanks to you, my incredibly wonderful fantastical blog friends whom I love so dearly, we have, so far in the past 24 hours raised $300 for the Haiti Relief Efforts!!! So thank you, from the bottom of my heart. We have 48 hours left so feel free to clean out my store if you wish - we all know the money is going to a good cause~

bisous mes amies,


Katie said...

just stopping in, I love your blog!!

Ange said...

Yay! Congratulations on the effort. You see - you were proactive!! Now - Off to get my kids ready for school and I'll ready Kasey's pretty blog later!!

Sammy Girl said...

Hello, sweetie ...
Just a brief reminder ... we ALWAYS (not just "sometimes") need pretty. Sometimes we just need it more than others.
Special hugs to you and know that your keen empathy to others is a gift that allows you to see the world in a special way. It hurts sometimes, but it is a very special gift.
Betty :)

Torie Jayne said...

Such pretty pics, off to visit Kasey, Have a sweet day!

Federica said...

Really a lovely collage Kimberly!
Happy weekend,

Debra said...

There is nothing wrong with needing pretty in the wake of tragedy. You have a huge heart-and right now you are taking care of the things you were meant to.

jules @ The Diversion Project said...

There's no sin in pretty, 'whatever it takes to get you through' is that old saying...and pretty, well that's pretty tame. I say go for it.

Glad to read the success so far of the sale - fantastic!!

And thank you so much for the link to Kasey's blog - i have been a 'reader' around the traps for a couple of years now, and hadn't found her as yet. I do so love a gorgeous new blog to visit, and hers is right up my alley.

Big love and best wishes for a peaceful weekend : )


Suzann said...

I think we all need pretty. More often than we think. Haiti is a tragedy and I can only offer prayer. Sometimes all we can offer to a situation is prayer. And I think that's okay.

Jacqueline said...

Dear Kim,
You have to remember that, with the best will in the world, you can't help everyone in the way that you would like.
There are probably many people in your own town/city that are suffering right now, as there are in mine and everyone elses, and, all over the world and you can't be everywhere.
You are a very kind, caring and considerate person, but you mustn't try and carry it all on your shoulders.
It is a terrible tradegy and my heart goes out to those that have lost their lives and the friends and families of those missing.
You have done so well, raising so much money.
Your post is lovely, showing us that there are some beautiful, pretty things in this world. XXXX

Jill said...

Good Morning Kim,

First, boy you 'do' a great Kasey! Cracked me up.

Second, I agree with you, I have felt helpless the last couple days...however, you ARE doing something...with your etsy proceeds. Just think if everyone does something...seemingly small things...what a BIG impact can be made. My yoga teacher is doing a class where she is donating all proceeds...My oldest daughter and I talked about what kids at her school can do - she is going to school today and talking to her teachers about organizing a "privilege day" allowing kids to wear silly hats, or pajama bottoms if they make a donation to Haiti relief. Thank God for people like you who DO something!

Love your idea of pretty!

Have a wonderful day, Jill

Kasey said...

oh...hello there.
what do you mean i can't do photoshop...how would you know..
i mean...
i coulda mastered it in the last 3 days ya know.
btw..i texted you yesterday...but it's not like i was waiting around all afternoon for you to text me back..
nope..not at all;-)
my heart is heavy also. we all sat around watching tele last night and tried to talk to the kids about what was going on.

Fearless Nester said...

It's so true how we gravitate to others' blogs for inspiration and "pretty" . . . I'm so glad I found your blog.

Teresa said...

Well Hello There Mimi!
What an adorable name!
I wish my name was adorable like that!
Let me caution you up front...this is going to be a lengthy comment.
Woops...just too much on my heart after reading your post.
I've often wished I wasn't so wordy...but then this world would have missed out on so many lovely things that I have said over the years...can't let that happen now can we? ;)
I too...have such a heavy heart about the suffering.
I also had a moment...
I had been so busy...
thinking selfishly about all things PINK for my PINK giveaway.
I popped over to one of my favorite blogs...
so soothing...so peaceful...and so in thought about the suffering in Haiti.
My heart sank.
As I also realized I was going about my little silly things and there was so much devestation and suffering and loss happening right at that very moment.
I also struggled with what to do with my pierced, aching heart.
So I will thank you...
Like I thanked the Fairmaiden..
for bringing my heart back where it belongs.
I mean really...
what do PINK things in a giveaway matter when there is such suffering?
I'm lifted by your recognition about needing pretty things to lift our spirits and the spirits and SMILES around us.
As much as I know you would love place yourself amongst the devestation...you can truly do just as much good...right in your home...in your very own little world...which is what I plan to do.
Just think of the good you did for me today...inspiring me and bringing me back to where my heart needs to be. I thank you.
I too spent lots of time in Kasey's unique world yesterday.
My sister...2600 miles away from me...in Alabama...rang me.
Both having our laptops in laps...
she said...you have got to pop over to this girls blog!
So I did!
I there...I met...and fell in love...with Kasey!
Isn't blogging wonderful that way! I know we must have spent an hour with Kasey...on the phone together...just ooooohin and aaaawing and giggling...and saying...NO WaY had her IKEA cart got that many slip covers in it!!! We partied with she and her friends...and studied her pictures...taking her world in. Loving her little girls boots and her Anthropologie shoes! We even scrolled through the seasons...my sissy would say...
"I'm headed to see what she does in the Fall!"
What a delightful time we had!
It is so delightful to meet you Mimi!
Thank you for popping over to Bainbridge!
I look forward to getting to know you better...
and your PINK is just heavenly!

stephanie said...

hi kim - i needed pretty too. thank you for posting it. one of my friends got engaged last week...then her dad passed away a few days later. i have been hurting so much because i know her (& her family) are hurting too. there is so much tragedy in the world - i'm thankful that i can find people like you who help balance things with beauty & care & hope. have a wonderful weekend.

Anita said...


After the challenging week, I have had, I do need pretty. And then I think- shut up, Anita. Challenging? Look at these people. Their entire life is literally cruumpled up. And maybe their family is dead. Or missing. And if I had the funds, I would go too, and my girls are old enough to cope. And call Grandma ( which happened yesterday when they could not reach me and she drove one for xrays- get my Momma of the Yeat trophy ready...) Anyhoo, good for you for all your efforts. And good for the rest of us that we realize we are blessed in our lives. Boo to how we had to come to that realization.

And your Kasey was spot-on.


BonjourRomance said...

THanks, I like everyone here needed a bit of pretty. After seeing all the tragedy and heartbreak on the news you sometimes feel helpless. But you are right, it's not always possible to go and help, but we can take care of our family and loved ones and do what we need to do...and pray for those we can't reach.
Take care and merci for all the pretty!

Heidi said...

Hi Mimi,
It sounds to me that you are doing exactly what you are meant to be doing. You are helping in the best way you can right now, and raising your family to know that little efforts make big differences. We're all connected, so everything you do at home will eventually find it's way out into the world.
BTW I believe pretty is needed, all the time. Nothing wrong with wanted to find it.
Heidi -Heart and Home

a.love said...

you have an amazing heart :) pretty is always needed and love and compassion for others is just the pretty i needed to read today. thank you for giving so openly!!

Kato said...

Can I say it again how amazing you are?

Not only do you have the kindest heart, and warmest embrace for those that are suffering, you also flatter and encourage other people while you are doing it.

The world needs more people like you Mimi!

red ticking said...

such a lovely post today.. you are sooo kind and adorable... wish i could jump on a plane as well... enjoy your weekend... we are all so blessed. x pam

AudreyAllure said...

such lovely photos :)

love your blog! :)
- Audrey Allure <3

lisa golightly said...

You have a such a wonderful way of expressing what's in your heart ... what a sweet soul you are ! You have inspired others to think and feel and maybe even do ... and THAT can be a very powerful thing !

Thank you,

~athena~ said...

Just found your blog and love it! Is the collage of photos available for purchase? I would love to blow that up and frame in my home for Valentines Day. Let me know! My email is aperrakis@gmail.com. Cheers!

Melissa Miller said...

Helli Mimi,
Oh my goodness I'm so excited to meet you! You just made my day visiting my blog and your super sweet words of inspiration. Thank you very much! They meant the world to me. I do feel much healthier these days and I'm beyond grateful.

What an insightful post full of heart. Half of my hubby's USMC squadron has left for Haiti today. So sad for the people. My prayers are with them all.

I enjoyed reading your blog today! I will be back often I can tell already. I signed on as a follower and would love to have you join me as well. *Smiles*

Many blessings to you and yours.
~Warmly, ~Melissa :)

Melissa Miller said...

Mimi I just bought the red frog bookmark from your Etsy shop.
It's adorable!

Thank you for making such pretty items to share.

Blessings, ~Melissa :)

Melissa Miller said...

Thank you for following along on my blog Mimi. I do appreciate it!

Paris Atelier said...

What a beautiful and heartfelt post. You captured what so many of us are feeling. After seeing the images and the horrors on Television it it so hard to think of our everyday trials as anything but a blessing. I know that everytime I look at my little son I feel so blessed and lucky. I just want to hold him tight all day.

Thank you for this beautiful post and words of inspiration.