03 January 2010

vintage treasures

I was shooting my new items for my Etsy shop this afternoon and decided to shoot a few things around our home that I have collected over the years.

I love vintage anything, and silver is no exception.

I am blessed with some really fabulous friends who know me so well. Yesterday a sweet parcel arrived in the mail. When I saw the return address I was instantly excited as Simone is one of my dearest friends and whatever she had sent was surely to be marvelous. Would you believe that she sent me these three treasures?!?

I found this bag while on a girls day in southern Washington and Oregon about a month ago. As I was with a girlfriend, it seemed serendipitous!

And of course, with the addition of miss mabel to our family, anything in the vintage camping family is welcome to join us!

What are your favorite vintage pieces in your home?


a.love said...

my favorite vintage piece is my entry table!!! i wish i could find 100 more.
(ooh, i should also tell you that I just received one of your beautiful headbands that was on my wish list for Christmas from my friend!! The grey and pink one. I'm IN LOVE!!)

julie said...

beautiful! i love it all! i want it all! hehe!

Stefanie said...

They are so lovely and adorable! Me likey everything about vintage too. :)

Florence said...

I love it all. The silverware plant markers are great, my farm girl friends want to do that as project. I would have to say my primitive cupboards are one of my most treasured finds from the past. It is so fun to see what others enjoy.

Blondie's Journal said...

Beautiful treasures from around your home and you are very lucky indeed to know Simone!!


Sammy Girl said...

Just had to chuckle .... today I was going to sort through the vintage silverplate to reduce the size of my flatware stash. Impossible! Love your sweet pieces, and noticed the Ruth Fielding book ... do you collect them? Alas ... I have too many to ignore as a whim, but not enough to have them all!
Not sure if I have a constant favorite ... as I love all my vintage finds (including all 80 some silverplate spreaders!!)
Have a fantastic "first week of the New Year"!
Hugs -
Betty :)

Megan said...

Love your pictures! Love your blog. I'm on my way to your etsy store next.

DustyLu said...

Thank you for your commitment to your blog and everything thats beautiful. lulu

Cathi said...

Beautiful images, Kimberly! My favorite vintage item in my home is a little silver creamer that I bought in an antique store many years ago, along with some baby spoons that were mine and my mothers and my children's great great grandmother's white gold wedding band. (my daughter wears it now...)Happy New Year! xxoo

Kato said...

Two vintage hurricane lamps that were my grandmothers. Other than that, nothing. But it's fun keeping my eyes open for interesting things!

Beautiful pieces and beautiful photos.

Joyce said...

Love ALL of your sweet treasures.

I have a couple of pieces, one is my vintage paper mache snowman mold and all of my silver pieces. xo

Anonymous said...

I have so many vintage treasures that I love, can't choose just one. It's so good to surround us with the prettiest vintage things, it really makes a house your very own home!

Happy New Year, let it sparkle!

Love from Amsterdam,


Robin said...

simply beautiful treasures! Your photos are alway stunning, how do you do it? I am drooling over your vintage stamped spoon - it is going on my wish list.

I have just started a collection of silver, do you have an tips how to spot a good find?

Lori said...

I have so many favorites Kim that I find it hard to narrow it down. I will always love my plates from the farm ~ thinking that something we used to eat off around the old table is hanging on my wall and are some of my most cherished possessions.

VMcreation-fashion-studio-atelier said...

This is a truly Very nice things all over us,thank you for a lot plesure!!!


lisa golightly said...

I love the dreamy warm quality of your photography ! We share the same passion for well loved silvery things !