24 January 2010

sewing projects to come...

I have been doing more sewing as of late ~ Mabel inspires me. Last week I made her one new duvet cover for the front bed, this week, if I can find fabric that I love, I will make one for the back bed.

On date night, handsome husband bought me a fabulous new little book on sewing fun things - namely skirts, and it got me thinking. I am going to attempt to sew a number of skirts for myself to wear this spring. I love wearing skirts - especially different ones. I want to design a few of my own, and this new little book has all sorts of tips on the basics, which should then allow me to alter the designs to make them my own.

I am sure that most of you already know Cath Kidston, but as I am working with fabrics so much these days, I had to visit her site as I really love her fabrics - especially when I think of decorating Mabel. If only they weren't so expensive when you work in the shipping... Doesn't she just epitomize femininity???

~I think I need these for the eggs from the girls

~I would love this for hanging clothes on the line this summer

~these little melamine cups would be perfect with the pink melamine plates in Mabel

Have a lovely Sunday mes amies,


Lauliette said...

Les tissus sont trés beaux....j'aime beaucoup le petit cintre.

Simone said...


I bought the dinner plates in that floral egg cup pattern, they just make me happy :)

Happy sewing!

Jeanneoli said...

I think all of her things are so fun and pretty. It doesn't match my style but I would be incorporating it if I had a Mabel:-)

Low Tide High Style said...

I love Cath Kidston, and the other items you posted are lovely, so fun and cheery!

Have a great Sunday!

Kat :)

NicNacManiac said...

All of your fabrics are so pretty and cheerful as are the Cath Kidson ones. Can't wait to see your summery skirts!! xOxO Nerina

Anonymous said...

If you make some skirts, could we see some? I've been making some myself. Cath Kidston's fabrics are definitely fabulous!

Mikal said...

What a sweet honey you have!

Beautiful fabrics... enjoy the planning!


Miss Sews-it-all said...

Yes, I love to get inspired by Cath Kidston's stuff. Skirts are so fun to sew and wear, happy sewing!

BonjourRomance said...

Bonjour Mimi,
What a sweet husband you have. Can't wait to see your new Springtime creations.
Cath Kidson has ssuch pretty fabrics.
Wishing you a good evening!

Kathy said...

Hello Mimi...I was out looking for blogs that make me smile today...I'm SMILING...Such a refreshing place here...thank You for the visit...and love Cath's fabrics...love sewing! I followed to keep an eye on what your up to...Have a wonderful Sunday, xoxo~Kathy @ Sweet Up-North Mornings... Stop in anytime...love to have you!

Emily said...

I always think that a hand made floral skirt is the perfect kind for spring...this post reminded me that I'd love to make my own!

jules @ The Diversion Project said...

Lovely fabrics there, and Cath Kidson really is one of the best things since sliced bread!

You'll just have to get yourself over to London. When i was there last i went to their new Potabello Rd store and it was amazing. I got so many of those gorgeous little treasures as xmas gifts for almost every female i know - sorted!

jules :)

Zita - Mlle Magpie said...

Oh, I just love Cath Kidston too! I was lucky to get some polka dotted oilcloth and a pretty scarf from hubby last Friday when he returned from London :)

TheEccentricLady said...

I just love the photo of your collection of fabrics! Such an inspiration! Happy sewing.

Cathi said...

Beautiful! I love everything Cath!

I haven't sewed in a few years, you are inspiring me to dust off the old girl and get sewing...:)

Happy Sunday!

Anonymous said...

Cath Kidston is a wonderful fabric collection and I believe it is absolutely worth every penny!!! :)

Can't wait to see what you end up doing with Mabel . . . you are definitely starting in a wonderful direction!!! . . . liz

red ticking said...

i never tire of cath... so fabulous. hope you are well... you blog is so fabulous... i love your banner... it makes me smile everytime i see it. x pam

The Little Red Shop said...

What lovely projects, Kimberly!

: )

Julie M.

ps Your new header makes me happy every time I click on your blog.

The Little Red Shop said...

pps I just read your comments after posting mine...and had to chuckle when I saw what Red Ticking said about your new banner....right before I said pretty much the same thing! : )

Federica said...

I love her products! Beautiful colours and prints!

Hope you had a lovely weekend!

abeachcottage.com said...

i lurve cath kidston bags...sooo nice just with jeans..so vintage english...to die for...I have quite a collection now I must admit and yep the fabrics are divine!

Suzann said...

Fun projects!! I have always admired her things too, but have never purchased any.

Kasey said...

very sweet indeed.
I love all the floral!

Donna said...

Reminds me of Spring!! How refreshing. I needed that today as I sit watching it snow again!

Kato said...

You make every one of your posts so beautiful. And talking about sewing skirts makes me want to pull out my sewing machine.

I will post it if I do!

Elyse said...


i just found your amazingly lovely blog through tiffany's. i LOVE what you are wearing in the photos of your fun day at her home and had to come over and see more of you and what you do.

love your chair. love cath kidston.

consider me a follower from now on!


Lori said...

Loving the prints Kim ~ I really like the cherries. I made cheery curtains for the cottage a couple of years ago and as soon as I saw the fabric ~ I knew I had to have it! Happy sewing ~ Mabel is one lucky girl!

Philigry said...

take lots of pictures of your creations! I love cath kidston, so fresh!

Pamela Holderman said...

Oh soo pretty. thanks for finding my blog and leaving the nice comment. now I can follow yours too!

~MCJArt ~ said...

Mimi ~ toujours aussi charmante~ ~ MC ~

Anonymous said...

Great post, I lovelovelove Cath Kidston's fabrics and wallpapers! I always use the fabrics for making lampshades, but a skirt is also a good idea!

Luckily we have some our walls covered with CK's wallpapers, so I can enjoy the flowers every day.

Happy sewing, Mimi! (and please post some pics of your skirts when you've finished them!)

Love from Amsterdam!


Gaia said...

i went to Cath kidston's stopres in London ...i love her product so feminine and romantic!
I forgot how beautiful your blog is!