06 January 2010

mot francais du jour

Aujourd'hui (today) for much of our country, not to mention much of the south of England, so I hear, this word seems appropriate~

la neige - snow
neiger - to snow



Morgane said...

et oui il neige en France ! Il neige for the second time CHEZ MOI en Bretagne : j'adore quand tout est blanc ! let it snow let it snow

The Little Red Shop said...

J'adore la neige! Et vous? Aimez vous la neige? Ou est-ce que vous préférez la pluie?

: )

Julie Marie

manon 21 said...

Il neige aussi ici à Lyon!!!

bonne journée et que ton année soit Douce.


VMcreation-fashion-studio-atelier said...

Dear Mimi Charmante,
I like this foto...nice winter!-)
Hier in Holland also every day snow...


Debra said...

Let's see... Laissez lui neiger. {?} How did I do? A great cozy day to stay put and study your French.

Suzann said...

I don't know any french. LOL
But snow, THAT I know. Here in Chicagoland we're adding another 8-13 inches today.

Jacqueline said...

A very appropriate word for Simone and me at the moment, Kim. We've had loads of snow here in London.
It's so pretty but, I was driving in it yesterday and it was very slippery !!
I think that Europe has more snow than ever this year.
I will stay in and light a fire, peut etre. XXXX

Anita said...

On a de la neige ici en Iowa aussi...les enfants sont encore a la maison..


Anonymous said...

Our youngest, Bongo, decided one day that he wanted to learn French. I think it's because his Auntie is a French teacher at the high school. It's pretty darn cute listening to him teach himself from his little dictionary. But unfortunately, so far, the only phrase he knows is, "you're a fat pig". sigh. boys.

CrowNology said...

I wish for snow!
I am using the cards as they pop up...Though from tomorrow's card I am wondering about this choice! Perhaps I should begin selecting words instead of sharing them in order...? I will figure it out as I go.

Robin said...

Your on a roll!

Love your beautiful photo! We have received at least a foot of the white stuff already today with more to come. I'm snuggling in and blogging my little heart out.

Have a great day.

Martha said...

Have no French for you...absolutely none...maybe Bon Appetit? That's it...I know...

Love your photo...absolutely beautiful...we have not quite as much snow as those north...but 6-8 inches came in last night:)

Morgane said...

yes : échangeons des messages ! i can give you my mail if you want to ok?

A Gift Wrapped Life said...

La neige is flling everywhere......always nice to watch from inside, with a good book (wink, wink).

Kato said...

I LOVE your new banner picture! So pretty!

And I love snow. This picture makes me happy :)