10 January 2010

mot francais du jour

Today, seeing as I posted so late, I decided to post three words~

le matin ~ morning
l'apres midi ~ afternoon
la nuit ~ night

I have noticed that, among the many things I need to work on when learning this beautiful language, I desperately need vocabulary. You see, en Anglais, I talk. A lot. I am very verbose - it is simply a part of who I am. However, when it comes to French, with my lack of vocabulary options in my current repertoire, my verbosity is greatly reduced. So, my plan is to really work on adding to my vocabulary. I would LOVE to hear any suggestions any of you may have on how to best increase my vocab. Really, I am open to any advice here!

Merci beaucoup!


Bienvenue chez French Girl in Seattle... said...

Chère Kim,
I would suggest reading, reading, reading in French... anything you can find... online or on paper... and looking up every word you do not know... That's the old-fashioned way, but it works. There are a lot of good blogs in French out there. You could start with those... Bonne chance! Véronique

Jacqueline said...

I can't help you really Kim.
My schoolgirl French needs an awful lot of work although, my vocabulary is so much better than my ability to put a seftedsoentence together so, I understand more than I can say.
Like Veronique says, just read as much French as you can. XXXX

DustyLu said...

Read read, and no joke..flashcards always work! lulu

Ange said...

And go see lots of French movies!! The more you listen, the more you pick up too. It's great if you can rent them out with French subtitles - gives you the visual and the auditive. Amuse-toi bien!!

Federica said...

I can't help you, my french is horrible...I need to work on it!
Hope you had a beautiful weekend.

jules @ The Diversion Project said...

I agreee with the French movies part - i regularly get out french dvd's and try and glean a few new phrases.

BTW, love the new banner!

jules :)

Suzann said...

I can't help - I'm not fluent in anything but English.
BUT, I have been told, by many people, that Rosetta Stone is beyond amazing. If there is someway to could find this at your library or through a network somehow - I bet that will be the ticket.

manon 21 said...

bonne après midi!


Maison Douce said...

Kim, buy Elle Decor or another french magazine and read... That will help a lot!! Also, most dvd's you buy nowadays have the option of subtitles in foreign languages such as spanish, french and portuguese! That is how I learned English when I was a child (all the English language tv shows were subtitled)!! Bonne chance!

*SparkleMirror* Kiln-Fired said...

I will be watching this thread, as I need to do the same!

Cathi said...

My french is horrible but I do watch alot of french movies and read as much as I can. Good Luck! P.S. If all els fails - you can get a phrase book for the everyday questions. xxoo

Marie-Ange said...

Mon mot du jour sera tendresse !
Ton joli blog en est rempli.
Bisous du coeur.

Kathy said...

Kim, I got Rosetta Stone for Christmas and LOVE it. I don't have the immediate need that you do so I am doing what I can, but it is so clever how they teach and make you really feel like you are learning. Thanks for the daily words "teacher"!

Anonymous said...

Love your new logo up topand your self-portrait. It is inspiring as I have been using the same photo for a year. Time to spice things up I guess. Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog. So glad those are behind me LOL!

Morgane said...

i suppose that the best way is to read some french magazines or listen some videos on youtube : is the way i do to learn more english !

Jean P. said...

Here's another vote for French movies, and don't rely too heavily on the subtitles. Oh, enough to get the gist, but it's more important to listen than to read. Good, good luck.

Lori said...

I am the same way Kim ~ I know hundreds of french words but cannot put a sentence together. Helps that everything here is bilingual too... Of course the french here is not as beautiful as the proper Parisian French. There is so much on line but I betcha you could find a conversational book en francais like the ones people get when they are traveling.

Tammie Lee said...

My sister moved to Italy. It took her years to learn the language to the point of having intimate friendships. But for our family learning languages does not come easy. How exciting that you are learning.

Luize said...

Hi Kim,

The best way to learn French free online is livemocha dot com.
You can get here French speaking friends, especially those who needs English, and you can teach each other from the very beginning. There are a lot of nice pictures, exercises, both writing and speaking, and you can hear also pronunciation.

Good luck!


WrightStuff said...

I'm a talker like you! That would always be my fear if I moved and had to learn a new language. I would be so frustrated!! Read French magazines on your favourite discussion topics and learn vocab you'll use all the time!