16 March 2010

Etsy Shop Sale!!!

As I am going out of town in just over three weeks, I have decided to have a shop special to celebrate!

If you purchase one print, you may choose a second print for five dollars. This offer does not apply to custom orders~ Simply message me through etsy with the two photos you would like - if the prints are priced differently, the $5 print will apply to the print of lesser value.

I will be closing the shop after the sale until I return from France.

Hurry, the shop will be closing on Tuesday March 23rd~


VMcreation-fashion-studio-atelier said...

The are gorgeous all of them!!!-)*

Tuch of spring and tuch of love,SO nice!

Love and hugs,


Nikki said...

I might need that cupcake one for my kitchen.

Martha said...

Oh my goodness I was going to place an order with you anyway since I asked you this morning about using your photos!!! I'm so excited!

Debby said...

They are all so pretty!

Teresa said...

Ooooh, that makes me want a cupcake! Every single shot is absolutely gorgeous. I love them all.

lisa golightly said...

I just love your images ... so beautiful. You had me with the Airstream !


DustyLu said...

I love all these images! Spring is here! Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

Irene b said...

so beautiful images!

Jenea said...

Because why!? You will close your shop??? :o

Lilla Kullan ♥ said...

Lovely pictures. Beautiful!:-)

Anonymous said...

Oh that top pic is just gorgeous Kim!! I am so over the top excited for your trip. I can't wait to see the amazing pics you'll share when your back.

Btw, I laughed at your comment on Mary's blog...stalker woman! :)
You crack me up.

Lynda @ Happenstance Home said...

Your images are beautiful. I dream of someday owning a silver bullet myself. I love yours!

Champagne/StitchPoet said...

One word...BEAUTIFUL...xo

Kato said...

The more I see of your etsy shop, the more I absolutely love. I am going to let you in on a secret:

I moved into my apartment a year and a half ago and I have not yet put a picture on my wall. I think this has contributed to the fact that it does not feel like home.

I am moving again, to somewhere a little cozier, and I have made a deal to pay particular attention to the details of my new home, to make it mine. And happy. A photograph by Kimberly Taylor might be the first picture to make it on my walls. Possibly a few of them.

Thank you for inspiring me!

HeddyShea said...

Hi Lady! Just wanted to say have a fabulous time in France!!! I'm sure you'll take wonderful pics- can't wait to see! I plan to get back to blogging soon... thanks for missing me / miss you!


daniela rota nodari said...

So wonderful Images!!!
Ave a nice day!!
KIsses :)