18 March 2010

field trip day

Today we woke to the most glorious sunshine. As I had nothing on the calendar, I was excited to spend the day with my sidekick doing something fun. In preparation for my upcoming France trip, I thought a trip to the french bakery in West Seattle was in order. We enjoyed lunch together there, and then walked down the street to the cupcake shop for a treat!

After the cupcake shop, we drove down to Alki beach. The wind was blowing, creating white caps on the east side of the peninsula, but on the west side it was a bit calmer and we were able to walk along the beach, picking up rocks and shells and sitting on driftwood logs. It was a lovely afternoon~


Kasey said...

so sweet.
and you know how i feel about cupcakes and boys named F$^$!!!!

Shelly said...

Do we live in one of the loviest corner's of the world, or what?
What a wonderful day for you and your little man!

It's those simple happy times we often remember the most!


VMcreation-fashion-studio-atelier said...

I like all photos here,dear Mimi!-)*
Joyful and lovely!!!


Farmgirl Paints said...

Those were dreamy pics. What a sweetie pie you have. NOW I need a cupcake;)

DustyLu said...

So beautiful! He's adorable..Love the images..capture's a little boy at play..can you come take some photo's of my son..lol..~lulu

donna baker said...

Oh, my sweet little boy is 24 now...it seems like only yesterday.

Lisa @ Fern Creek Cottage said...

Oh my goodness, what a cutie!!

Dreamy Whites said...

Your little guy is adorable. I love your photos. I am getting caught up on your fabulous blog. I love visiting you.
Take Care,

MODERN Prairie Girl said...

So glad you got out to enjoy this amazing day. It was heaven, non?

Your youngest is yummy cute---adorable.

I love it that you're prepping the tummy for some french delights. Come to think of it...prepping the tummy with french delights could even work for a girl who would, say, be in SW WA tomorrow. ha!

The Little Red Shop said...

What sweetness! I thought about the French bakery today because I stopped by Trader Joe's to see if they had the macarons Kasey mentioned. Non! They have been discontinued...oh, la....and now I hear that there is a cupcake shop down the street. I just might have to pay another visit to West Seattle!

Thank you for sharing your lovely day with us. Your wee one is a doll.

: )

Julie M.

vicki archer said...

Heaven....a sunshine day with your most adorable little sidekick, xv.

lisa golightly said...

What an adorable little bundle of blue eyed joy you have.


Shelly said...


I'm having a little Easter Giveaway over at "BungalowBling" if you want to "Hop" over!

Hope you are enjoying our wonderful weather!!


Lori said...

What a perfectly lovely day Kim ~ and with #4! I can't believe how big he is getting ~ he is adorable! Loving me a cupcake too. Have a wonderful week-end my friend. xo

Kato said...

So very cute! What a sweet little face!


red ticking said...

ADORABLE... he is precious. xx

Teresa said...

Your date is quite a handsome little fella...and how very smart of you to research for your upcoming trip. What a fun day!

Martha said...

What a cutie... I love getting glimpses into your family and those cupcakes look so yummy!

She Wore It Well said...

What a perfect day!


koralee said...

Your images are darling...I could use one of those cupcakes right now...happy day to you. xo

1022 Sea Shell Ave said...

Love the last pic of your little guy looking down at the rocks. Adorable!