03 March 2010

come junk with us flea market~

If you are looking for a fabulous flea market this coming weekend, filled with amazing vendors and endless inspiration, you definitely don't want to miss this!

I am going to be there, shopping, and shooting, and most likely doing a lot of visiting. Timi has put together the best of the best in the junk world and it is sure to be a wonderful sale~ I can personally vouch for the caterer - it is worth visiting just to eat whatever she brings. I am crossing my fingers that she brings her coconut cake. No pressure K... :)

For more information, visit Timi at the Come Junk With Us website.

Hope to see you there!



A Gift Wrapped Life said...

Sounds like such fun and I would be there in a heartbeat.....you have the best weekends!

flwrjane said...

Think I want to get there from Virginia? I wanna come.

lulu said...

looking forward to seeing you Kim. Linda/lulu

Teresa Sheeley said...

Wish I could be there with you girls, but can't make the 5 hour drive....bummers....have fun and take loads of pics!


Come Junk With Us said...

Thank you so much for the shout out! I totally appreciate it!
It's going to be some crazy fun. Looking forward to seeing you.

Megan said...

I'm so there!!!

FEDERICA said...

Oh...if I only live there...sounds like a great event!
Have a nice day and don't miss my giveaway tomorrow!

Teresa said...

Oh, to have wonderful events like this in my neck of the woods! Back in the day, I made many trips to Bothell to visit Country Village....is it still there? If so, I would imagine it's changed quite a bit from all those years ago. Have fun, and I can't wait to see all the treasures.

sharon said...

Yes please, I would love to come, I'll just arrange the cross-atlantic flights, the weekend child-dog-house-husband care and I'll be there, ready to buy buy buy!!

Chelsea Talks Smack said...

I love this!

Dreamy Whites said...

I wish I lived closer~by the way I am near Sacramento. I wanted to tell you I love the new picture you put as your profile photo. You look so chic!
Take care,
Sorry about that last comment being a book, I went back & read it, YIKES I can't write, should have read it again before I hit publish.

red ticking said...

i am so sorry to miss this... have a wonderful time..xx

MODERN Prairie Girl said...

I'm so sad I won't be there---mostly because I would just love to mingle and shoot along side you, my sweet friend.

Have a great time!!!
Missin' you-

Fanciful Designs said...

Your blog is so blissful~ I love it to pieces!

xo Noel

Ange said...

Bah humbug! I missed my flight over and am now missing America's best fed junk weekend. I hope you make it up for me ;-) Have a great time!


Clementina said...

Complimenti per il blog! Clementina