24 March 2010

Tex Mex deliciousness!

I apologize for being so absent lately. Things have been busy on the farm, I have been in full-planning mode for THE FRANCE TRIP, as well as looking forward to my weekend with some of my favorite ladies this coming weekend. I love when life is rolling along, busy but exciting. I do wish I had more time to post though, as I really do have all sorts of fun things to tell you~

Today was a bit crazy, in an inspired sort of way. I had a few errands, an appointment, and then the day was mine! Lately I had been reading the back-posts of a fabulously inspiring blog written by a hilarious friend of ours (and edited occasionally by her equally amusing husband). She is an incredible cook and there seems to be no end to what she can prepare. Thus, when I came across her "tex-mex" post - something I have never attempted, it looked so amazing that I HAD to see what I could do. I mean, honestly, my family would LOVE it and as I am forever searching for fabulous ideas to please this family's palate, this seemed like just the thing.

~this delicious recipe found here - thanks Kasey!

I found a wonderful tex-mex cookbook with some delicious looking recipes at our local Half-Price Books - one of my favorite bookstores. I decided on what I wanted to make and made a list of what I needed. I hit the grocery and then came home to spend the afternoon playing in the kitchen. It truly was an incredible spring afternoon and once again I remembered what I love most about Seattle. You see, handsome husband and I love our cozy, gray, rainy Seattle days. I love to cook hearty stews, he loves to paint, we read, watch movies, play with the boys, and generally enjoy our wonderful home. But then these gorgeous days appear - far more often than we usually remember. And when that gorgeous sun shines, the people of Seattle truly appreciate it. We are grateful for our beautiful weather. We smile more, there is a bounce in our step, drivers are more patient in traffic, shoppers are courteous at the grocery, far more greetings are passed between strangers. And springtime sunshine? It inspires me to cook party food, summer food, European slow-cooking. It also makes me want a good margarita, or a mojito. Heaven... Don't even get me started on summer fruit - strawberry angel food cake tonight for example~

Handsome husband should be home soon, boys will gather around the table, and with the windows open, we will enjoy a summer-like dinner together. Nirvana, in my opinion~

(oh, and 13 days my friends, 13 days...)


Nikki said...

YUM! That looks amazing! I love days like this too. Except I planned soup because it's been so cold.

My favorite place for Mojitos is Kingfish Cafe on 19th and Jefferson on Capital Hill. Check it out if you're ever up there...and get dessert!

chasity said...

i'm drooling over your meal and your photography....
i love your hydrangea photo. so pretty!

vicki archer said...

Thank you for these recipes - Tex Mex is a favourite of mine and not something easy to find in Europe. I hope you received my email and again I am sorry to miss you and Kasey in Avignon. xv

Martha said...

Your dinner sounds amazing...waiting for my invite for dinner...I'm just kidding but it really looks GREAT!!!!

Kato said...

Oh my goodness! Every sinlge picture on this page was drool-worthy. So yummy looking, it is actually inspiring me to want a Summer-like meal! (Even though the temperature dropped to feel like 1.4 degrees F today...brrr) But I can pretend!

Seattle is a place I have ALWAYS wanted to visit. I too love dreary rainy days, as long as it is mixed with some sunshine. Sounds like you have it all my dear friend!

!3 days! Woohoo! xoxox

Cacau Jafet said...

Olá! Este prato deve estar muito gostoso!!!!!uhnnnnn que fome!!!!

Ange said...

Oooh - can we cook that when you come??? We will shop for the food at the markets and you will order everything! I have a fabulous cheese man who will just adore you (not to worry HH - his is too old for Miss Mimi), and he will find us just the right cheese. My chicken man will give us chicken and we shall find the fresh veges we need ourselves.... SO MUCH FUN!!