14 June 2010

france way back when~

I know I am due a France post, and trust me, I will have one ready before long. However, this evening while *attempting* to organize my very cluttered, messy, disorganized laptop, I came across this photo collection. It made me sigh. And wish. And dream.

You see, these photos were from our trip five years ago. They were taken in Normandy and Brittany during the 60th Anniversary of D-Day celebrations. It was such a fabulous trip - the weather, the food, the people, the stories as told by the veterans. We were fortunate enough to end up on the same ship from Portsmouth, England to Ouistreham, France as many of the veterans attending the celebration. It was a moving, emotional experience - one that we certainly won't ever forget.

What a beautiful country France is. I know that each of our homelands have gorgeous places - the United States certainly does. But there is something that draws me to this beautiful place. Maybe it is my heritage - my ancestors escaped persecution from the Catholics long long ago. But we are still French - much removed of course. But it is there, in my heart~



Heidi said...

Absolutely lovely! I always enjoy my mini vacations when I stop by here!
Thank you for sharing your wonderful photographs.

Heidi - Heart and Home

Missing Goat said...

there is something magical about France - the way of life, the land, the homes...it's just wonderful. My goat is there, and I don't question his choice for a moment.

bullie_mama said...

So beautiful!

Adventures in Dressmaking said...

I JUST got back from there a couple weeks ago, I was so glad to get to see Normandy and other regions of France since I'd only ever been to Paris before. So pretty!

manon 21 said...

Je vois que tu aimes vraiment la France!

Bonne journée


Tom Stephenson said...

Nice pictures, Mimi. I often get a bit jealous about the French life syle myself!

Lori said...

I remember this trip and how emotional you were when you came home. I love coming across old photos and just sitting and remembering.... Hope you are having a great "last week of school" on the farm. xo

Zaira said...

I totally share your love for France. It's a second home to me as well. Just come back from Nice and already miss France. Those photos are great!! xx

Stephanie said...

These photos are gorgeous! It sounds like it was such a special trip - thanks for sharing with us!

sharon said...

This is a lovely collection of photos from our very quiet part of the world. I really hope that if ever you come back this way, I could show you a little more!