09 July 2010

hot weather dinner

I spent some time in the gardens today. It was hot. Blazing hot. The sun felt good - the sweat, not so much...

Tonight for dinner I wanted to use what I could from the gardens. I harvested peas, raspberries, and lettuce. I also had some corn from the market. I will be using the lettuce and raspberries tomorrow with chevre for a nice lunch salad.

I love summer salads! These are three of my favorites~

The pea pods with sesame oil and seeds are wonderful on a hot afternoon.

The corn salad is one of our summer staples - there is nothing like fresh corn off of the cob~

And this chicken salad with herbs from my garden is fabulous!

I hope you are staying cool wherever you may be - warm if you are down-under!

Have a fabulous weekend,


Mikal said...

Oooh... what is in the corn salad? Looks so fresh and yummy!

Mel said...

I want some salad. OOOOH with a glass of Cupcake wine... Yum.

Simone - honeyandfizz said...

It all looks so delicious and fresh! :)

Kathy said...

Looks so good makes me want to have a garden, very pretty pixs too Kim, glad the weather is a bit cooler today for Sandpoint, I would be there if I didn't have both my kids visiting this weekend.

Raining Pearls said...

Looks delish... just got home from the Farmers Mkt and will be making a fresh corn salad. Thanks for the inspiration :)