15 April 2009

Give-away update~

It is unlike me to forget a girls weekend get-away, but it seems that I have...  

This weekend I will be heading out of town to Port Townsend, Washington with some of my dear girlfriends.  We will be departing reality first thing Friday morning and I am so very excited!

However, that will make it difficult to do my give-away draw that day.  Thus, I will be doing my draw Thursday afternoon and posting the winner as soon as I get home from French class that evening.

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Bon Chance Mes Amies!


littlebyrd said...

That is good reason for changing the giveaway :)
Sounds really fun!

Ana Marija said...

yeah, some girly time... have fun Kimberly!!!

Myra said...

Thanks for all your great comments! I appreciate you!