16 April 2009

The Winners!!!

When it came time to draw, I wished I could send everyone a print!  However, I did decide to have #1 draw three names~  So...

Le premier winner is Ana Marija!!!

Le duexieme winner is little byrd!!!

Et le troisieme winner is Ciara!!!

If the three of you would please send me your print choice and the size you would like, along with your mailing addresses, I will get them out next week~


Thank you so much to everyone who entered - I was so flattered that you would want one of my prints.  Have a lovely weekend - I am off with the girls first thing tomorrow morning!



Ana Marija said...


littlebyrd said...

Oh my gosh!!! Really? My heart rate actually went up :) I can't believe that I won this! Ok - deep breath. I will go have a look and let you know. THANK YOU!

paige said...

too fun!
congratulations to the winners

have a great weekend!

sherry lee said...

I'm so happy for your winners!! Happy weekend!

Joyce said...

Congrat to the lucky winners! I know they will enjoy their wonderful treasures!!
Have a golden weekend! xoxo

Ciara said...


Is that me? Is there more than one Ciara? I hope not! Gosh how exciting. Thank you so much dear one!