04 April 2009

{our} barn

Okay, don't say I didn't warn you...  She isn't pretty...  I know that she has so much potential and she really does have the sweetest personality, so please don't judge her on looks alone~ Remember, these are the *BEFORE* photos...


~this is the front of the original barn

~just to the right of the original barn the studio is attached

~this is the studio with the chicken coop roof visible behind it

~This is the view from the east side of the studio, with one of the hayloft doors visible above 

~this is the back of the studio, taken from the chez poulez yard, with the main barn visible with its peaked roof

~this is the west-facing side of the barn, the purple window being the tack room of the main barn

~this is also the west-facing side, which starts with a composite roof on the main barn, a flat roof over the first two stalls, a peaked metal roof over the next two stalls, and a flat roof over the last two stalls.  The lower pasture is in front of this wing of the barn

~This is the same side from the opposite direction - the main barn is in the distance

~this is my darling chicken coop, Chez Poulez, that is on one side of the yard - the barn is on another side of this yard

~this is the playhouse that we need to finish this summer - it has a loft upstairs (if there were stairs, that is...)

Now that you have exposed yourself to the before photos, really, you must stick around to see the after shots.  It is only fair...  :)  It is going to be a busy summer!


Cottage Lifestyle said...

They are all beautiful in my eyes.


Karla said...

Oh - you're so lucky to have all of that! We so badly want land with an old barn that we can redo any way we see fit! I can't wait to see your transformation! Good luck!


mammydiaries said...

Oh God! I'm excited just looking at it! What I wouldn't give to get my hands on a project like that.

Ana Marija said...

Your barn is beautiful... and so much space...I am jealous... I want it... can't wait for you to finish it... oh, and the playhouse... those boys of yours are so lucky!
(And your girls are just plain spoilt- talking about free range! )
enjoy !

Joyce said...

I think it is BEAUTIFUL!! A true diamond in the raw, and priceless!!
Was the studio already there or did you add it? What is inside your studio?
OK one more question for the road. Did you build the doll house from scratch or kit? How hard is it to do without a whole lot of hammer and saw skills? I would like to tackle building a small wooden potting shed that looks like a simple house. To store outdoor furniture and stuff during the winter has to be small because of space and inexpensive. Enjoy! xoxo

sherry lee said...

It's not a wonder you bought this property with the eye to renovating this barn...great bones and yes, much potential. You have a busy summer ahead for sure...lots of projects!

Christy said...

Your barn has potential written all over it... I love it!