03 April 2009

Le Weekend

Aren't Fridays lovely?  To me, Friday feels like an extension of the weekend.  This Friday is especially nice as I have all of my boys home from school for the beginning of spring break, so there is a bit of a festive feel on the farm this morning.  

I am looking forward to starting my weekend off by doing a bit of yard work this morning. Spring desperately wants to come - I can just feel it!  Rumor has it the sun will come to visit this weekend, so I want to remove as much debris as I can so that those lovely bluebells/tulips/day lilies can enjoy the warmth when she does decide to shine.  

I would also love to do a bit of weeding in my vegetable boxes so that I can begin laying out the plan for all of the delicious homegrown veggies that will grow there.  My girls tend to me natural weeders so they will be joining me in the gardens...  Also, my peas and sweet peas really must get into the ground!  It is certainly warm enough and time to get those cool crop seeds planted~

Saturday morning, bright and early, I plan to head out with a girlfriend to the Monroe Antique Show and Sale.    I have  never been but hear that it will have all sorts of treasures to discover. As it begins at 10 am, we will be going to the Swap Meet at the fair grounds first - so much "junk" to dig through and hopefully some fabulous finds as well.  That is where I found my old Argus a few weeks ago!  I will of course be bringing Francis and posting all about it when I am home.  It would be so lovely to see some of you there!

My mum should arrive on Saturday as well.  We are all looking forward to her visit as it is so nice to have her here for the weekend.  The boys love to hang out with her, and she is an incredible help in the gardens when she works outside with me.  I am hoping for sun so that I can persuade her to join me in my weeding adventures...

Intertwined into all of this will, I am quite certain, be all sorts of boy activities, visits from friends, lots of food, and hopefully some time for my handsome husband and I to spend some time together.  I hope you have a fabulous weekend planned and enjoy your time, whatever you may be doing~



Anonymous said...

Sound like you have a great weekend planned. Can not wait to see if you find some great deals this weekend. Have fun!

Joyce said...

Your weekend sounds full, but wonderful! Have a great time at the sale- I hope you find some great treasures. Enjoy the visit with your mom. As always your photos are beautiful! xoxo

Kristin said...

Happy weekend to you! Hope it brings you big..., no really big smiles and great giggles amongst all you have happening! Busy girl you are!

Oh, I love coming to your blog.

Kimm at Reinvented said...

Hi! Visiting from Our Suburban Cottage, love your pictures. Enjoy your weekend, especially the antique show!

Christy said...

Thanks for dropping me and visiting me... I found you through blog hopping. I love how peaceful and calming everything is... beautiful pictures!

sherry lee said...

I love Fridays too -- I call it "me" day -- it's the one day in the week I grant myself permission to do anything I want (or not do anything I'd rather not!).
Sounds like you have a wonderful weekend lined up -- a visit from your mother, antiquing with a friend...enjoy!