27 April 2009

Potager planning...

Well, after having to remove half of the pavers in our entry, it seems that most of the bamboo has been removed.  That was no small job!  I have leveled most of the garden, made sketches of the basic layout, and am now on to the fun part - the planning!  So far, these are the flowers I want to add~

These fairy roses above will line one side of the garden.  I want to add all sorts of cut flowers, and then the herbs/vegetables will fill a 6' x 8' section in the center.  I am trying to decide, with the odd shape of the garden, if I want to do something with rows or something that is round and has a bit of a *wheel* look to it.   So far, for the herb list, I have the following:

rosemary - which won't be part of the center as it gets so large!
french taragon
two types of parsley
two types of mint - in pots of course!
lemon verbena - also large and not part of the center
hhmmm... something seems to be missing...  thoughts?

I will keep you posted as I make progress!


Queen B. said...

Oooooooooo gorgeous !!!

AnNicole @ OurSuburbanCottage said...


Was that YOUR garden and house you posted yesterday? It's absolutely breathtaking. Thanks for the inspiration.

Debra said...

Wonderful! With all of those delicious herbs- I want to join you for lunch!

[J] said...

Such beautiful flowers!
Makes me want an English garden in my backyard!!

Robin said...

Sage perhaps! It all sounds so lovely. I can't wait to see it completed.

FrenchBlue said...

Love this post! Your pictures are scented~ and they smell so good...
Thanks for sharing...

manon 21 said...

je ferais bien un petit tour dans ton jardin!


Ana Marija said...

Kimberly, this is soo lovely...
Can I suggest my favourite herb...tree actually..bay..
I use it in stews, especially with game cooked in wine...bay leaves are so Medditerreanean..and you can shape it in any form you like!!!

Kristin said...

Thank you for taking us on this journey with you! I think each of those flowers are gorgeous and love the herbs too! This is coming from a girl who has a hard time keeping her office plant alive, but ever so curious about getting my hands in the dirt to create wonder, smile!

I am excited to see how this comes to fruition for you!

Joyce said...

Oh your garden sounds wonderful! I can't wait to see it.

Have you ever had pineapple sage? It is easy to grow and grows tall. It gets a red flower on it towards the end of the season. I heard the flower you can use for baking. Yummm it smells just like a pineapple. When I'm out there I pinch a leave off just to smell it. smile... That reminds me I better keep my eye out for it to plant this year. It goes fast at the nurseries.

Have a golden day! xoxo

Carolyne said...

Such gorgeous photos! That's a lovely garden you have there!

One Womans Thoughts said...

Your photos are gorgeous! I loved the delicate pink peony. The last house I lived in, I had peonies under the big oaktree, in my backyard next to the wooden deck porch. Thank you for taking me back to a lovely memory.