22 April 2009

Photography crush, yes, again...

I know, I know, some of you are beginning to think that I am a photography whore, having all of these crushes on people I don't even know.  Shameful, really, but what can I do?  I fall in love easily when I come across something so divine.  And it isn't as if I am easy, I am most certainly not.  It is simply that there is such incredible talent out there, and the fact is, what I fall in love with is what I most want to be able to emulate.  I want to absorb my crush's ability to see the exquisite in the often mundane.  It is a gift really - a gift that I would like to acquire, somehow...

Jetty Kolobaric is an incredibly fabulous photographer that I have been watching for a while now.  I have wanted to introduce you to her, but alas, as I always ask permission first, it took us a little while to connect.  She has a wonderful blog - Food for Thought and her latest post with photos of a snail inspires me to shoot things I would normally never consider.  

And you really really must see her photography here.  Really.  You would also be wise to visit her Etsy shop~


paige said...

photography whore...that is hysterical!
we all have our tiny little secrets don't we!
i love those photos~~ & i really love yours

Kristin said...

Oh I think I have a photography crush too! Yummy, beautiful images!

How is your son? 100% yet?

Have a great night friend.

JK said...

Thanks so much, dear, for your kind words about my photography and a huge sorry for reacting so late, I hope I have changed my blogs settings well enough to receive older posts reactions :)

I was sorry to read about your sons accident, it must have been such a scare. I hope he feels better now.

And your impressions about your weekend are so lovely!

Joyce said...

very nice photos. i can see why you love them.

Kasey said...

lovin it.
i love paige's comment.

Ana Marija said...

oh yes...she is also on my Etsy wish list!