10 July 2009

dreaming of... london

{photo found here}

When I see these photos they remind me of how I long to visit London.

You see, I am lucky enough to have one of my very best friends living there.

She lives in an area called Muswell Hill, and when I found these photos of Muswell Hill last night, it brought me back to my last visit nearly two years ago.

 I absolutely adore London, and I think that it is because every single time I go, Simone is there to shop with, go go to lunch, or high tea with, to take me to fabulous spots that I wouldn't have found on my own~

such as Hampstead Heath~

with its absolutely marvelous cafe and coffee shop~

Lucky for you, she has a blog, where she posts the most divine photos.  Honestly, the girl has a gift - you really need to visit and see for yourself~

I also have wonderful memories of time spent with my handsome husband there.  We always enjoy wandering the streets, taking in the beautiful old architecture, buying lunch at Paul, and then finding a park to have our own little picnic.  (Really, I could eat every single breakfast and lunch at Paul and never grow tired...)  We have also been know to jump on a train and venture out of the city - my husband is spontaneous like that.  Love that man.

I think that we are in need of a London trip - I might need to work on that...


A Gift Wrapped Life said...

I can tell you have a bit of wanderlust....have fun planning a trip. I bet your friend is thinking of you too and wondering when you when you are coming back.

Temps perdu said...

Your post triggered off my longing for this fantastic city. I lived a long long time ago. At heart I still feel it is my home.

Simone said...

Yes, your friend is indeed thinking of and when we will next see each other.

I can't even tell you how much I love this post....love that first photo of Hillfield Park.....that is a great view towards Canary Wharf and the City......you made me cry.

I am due to have breakfast at Kenwood on Hampstead Heath this Sunday.....I will think of you :)

We have had some great visits haven't more.....and I know we will have many more.....thanks for such a beautiful tribute to our friendship.....I am truly touched.


fräulein klein said...

My last time in london was up to 16 years ago. It´s about time to go up to london again.
Many regards, Yvonne

Kimberly said...

I love Simone's blog...Lucky you! I've never been to London. I'll file all your suggestions and favorite places, for maybe someday I'll get there!! :) KIM

FrenchBlue said...

Simone is one of my favorite bloggers. Your post has lured me to London. I know Simone can't wait to see you again. Your husband is a sweet man! You have a beautiful life, so balanced. Thanks for sharing it my friend~

Judy said...

London is a fabulous city...I long to return with my husband. I love the history and architect, it is unlike anywhere else.

Simply Mel said...

I also love London, but not lucky enough to have a best friend living there! :)

Hope you are able to return soon...and until then, I'm going to enjoy the new blog intro for my London fix!

Gigi said...

I loved this post! I'll be spending most of August in London, my very favorite city, and you made me even more anxious to board that plane! We stay in Bloomsbury when we're there, and I love exploring as much as possible on foot, seeking out hidden corners and treasures. My husband goes to London for research, so I get to go exploring on my own, which I love! Like you, Hampstead Heath is one of my favorite places, and I love Borough Market and Neal's Yard and the V&A Museum, and oh . . . I'm getting carried away. We always hop on a train a few times and head out on adventures, too. Sometimes Bath or Salisbury or Cambridge. Do you have any favorite places you'd recommend for day trips? Thanks for sharing these great photos! How wonderful that one of your dearest friends lives in such a beautiful city--two great reasons to visit it!

Jeanneoli said...

I loved my time in London! I hope you get to head back soon.

Heavenly Housewife said...

I see you have a picture of harods here (as if i wouldnt notice that!), its my favorite place in all of London. I always say, harrods is to me as tiffanys is to holly golightly. If you go to London, you must go to harrods! They have laudree macaroons :D, my favorite treat ever.

Clementina said...

Bonjour, Mimi--
My first visit to Muswell Hill was in 1988. I fell in love with London back then, have gone back a couple of times since, but it seems that the fascination will never end. My only complaint: you can't find a decent Mexican restuarant there. Perhaps if I move there . . .!
Amo tu blog!