27 July 2009

weekend snaps

As usual the weekend went by far too quickly for my liking.  While we were able to get quite a number of things done, I still feel like time was fleeting, and I didn't have enough quality time spent simply enjoying being together.  

One thing that seems to be accomplished every weekend this summer is house painting.  You see, my husband is painting the exterior of our home, one gallon each weekend, applied with a two inch brush.  Yes, you heard me correctly - a TWO INCH BRUSH.  While this might seem like the act of a crazy man - and you might ask yourself "why would a man paint the entire exterior of a relatively large house with such a small brush?", I would like to offer you this insight into my husband.  This is a man who has a LOT of mental output each and every day at work.  He is under quite a bit of stress most days.  This is also a man who, with four boys and a wife, doesn't have a lot of "man time".  He doesn't golf, he doesn't play poker, he doesn't go to the gym.  What he does love, however, is quiet time to think - time to process all of that crazy, hectic, busy business of the week in his head.  And if you are wondering, a gallon of paint and a two inch brush take about four hours each weekend to apply.  Four hours where, for the most part, he is alone - a man and his paint brush.  Only the sounds of the birds and the waterfall from the pond to distract him.  So this painting the house project - it is a good thing for my husband.  And let us not forget - we are getting a fresh coat of paint as an added bonus! I am loving how wonderful the house is looking~

So while dear husband is painting away, I find myself busy with all sorts of things.  This weekend for instance, I was able to work on some of my linen flower necklaces that I have been listing on Etsy.  They are coming along nicely, and I am hoping to get them sent out early this week.

I was also able to take some shots of my new frames from the Barn House flea.  I love them in the main floor bath, and can't bring myself to remove the tags as they are so cute!  

I cut some flowers from my very dry gardens.  The zinnias seem quite happy and as this is the first year I have planted them, I am absolutely loving their bright, warm colors in the middle of the vegetable boxes.

I brought some in to put them in my vintage inkwells to add some color to the island.  Aren't the colors fabulous?

I also cut some blue hydrangeas as they are in full bloom.  The blue always brightens up the main floor bath and while it isn't my favorite blue, I really enjoy flowers in the house and hydrangeas are a favorite.

This week promises to be a hot one, so my plan will be to get any work that must be done taken care of first thing in the morning, and then split my time between having boys in the sprinkler and finding cool things to do elsewhere.  The forecast is for the mid-90s most days, and for those of you outside of the pacific northwest, most of us don't have air conditioning here... Especially when one lives in a 1928 farm house...

Have a fabulous week my friends,


Christine--RHP said...

wow--painting the house with a 2" brush sounds like a serious meditation....good for him!
Your blossoms (and the pix of them) are gorgeous!!

Jackie said...

LOVE all your beautiful pictures! It's sweet about your husband and the house painting - who cares HOW he gets it done, he's getting it done and feeling peaceful at the same time! Sweet flowers around your house...I love hydrangeas!

I'm so sad I missed out on those necklaces...that happens to me alot - I just wait too long!

Stay cool!

A Touch of Country said...

love the vintage ink wells and the frames....so gorgeous!

Painting is never fun but the end result is always remarkable!

Happy Summer!

FrenchBlue said...

Well little missy.... It looks like you had a perfect weekend! The kind I love... creating, cutting, taking pictures, being near hubby but doing your own thing..Keep up your good beautiful work my sweet friend!

Jacqueline said...

My husband is the same....stressed at work so he sanded all of the original Victorian floorboards, by hand!!! They look lovely and my friends are all jealous and cross that their husbands don't do the same !!!!!
Fabulous post... I love hearing about your family, home and garden and isn't it lovely to have flowers to cut and bring into the house?

Lissa said...

One day I am coming over to your house. I think my heart will stop when I do! Are those zinnia's in your garden? they're so beautiful! I wish I planted them now. I did bachelor buttons instead. You are one of my favorite photographer's. Your blog is exactly my style except for you don't do beach shots. You're truly talented. Your home is gorgeous! Maybe when I finish my living room you can photograph it for me so it looks as pretty as the ones you took at Melaine's house.... :) just a thought... Happy day girlie
ps do you like how I just barge right into your life? hee hee

Lissa said...

pss I must also now start collecting vintage ink wells...

Amanda said...

I am loving the colors of your home! It is turning out gorgeous!

Honey Bend Vintage said...

Don't you love what a fresh coat of paint does, instant gratification. Lov ethe linen necklace.

gatherings home said...

I love that your husband does that! And that he recognizes the beauty of having quite time to ones self. What is so great is everyone benefits! Beautiful pics as usual. Keeps me coming back for more.

shabbyscraps said...

i was doing that exact same thin gthis weekend! PaINTINg!! again today as well!
stay cool!
xoxo, Tiffany

Simply Mel said...

Your husband is a very wise man - he definitely nurtured every moment of his alone time!

And you accomplished A LOT with 4 boys...a super woman indeed! Beautiful necklace!

Farmgirl Paints said...

Those flowers were all so beautiful. Lovely post as always:)

The domestic novice said...

I just love that linen necklace - stunning!

Krista ~ Bits and pieces said...

Your blog is stunning~ and that necklace is going to be put on my must have list

paige said...

i love how you told his story & i love that he enjoys a task that obviously will be done well.
what a beautiful home you have.

those necklaces, oh my!!!!
& that shot of the hydrangeas, be still my heart

Dustjacket Attic said...

You really do take the best pictures. The hydranger was divine.

I totally understand your husband. What a great idea, have some quite time and do an amazing job at the same time.

Have a beautiful day,

HeddyShea said...

love the photos, especially the new frames from the BH sale!

Anonymous said...

What an adorable weekend!!! Beautiful pictures....as always!!

Duchess of Tea said...

Thank you darling for stopping by and for joining my followers. I am looking forward to many more visits in the future.

Duchess xx

Anonymous said...

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