02 October 2009

Friday Fabulousness

What is it about Fridays that brings me such excitement, such energy - from the moment I wake up, I have this overwhelming feeling of joy that this day will be special, happy, delicious!

There is something about a Friday with no agenda - an open calendar with hours to fill.

Whether it is baking something fabulous~

Shopping for something lovely for the season~

~the gap

Being inspired by decorating gorgeousness~

~courtesy Tongue in Cheek

~the very talented velvet and linen

Planning for something wonderful~

~can't wait to visit La Madone

Whatever your weekend holds, enjoy it to the fullest!!!


Andee Layne said...

ahhh love all those pictures! Love the decor of that room and macroons are my favorite!!great blog! Please check out my fashion and lfestyle blog www.andeelayne.blogspot.com. Follow mine as i will yours! xo

FrenchBlue said...

Fridays are so inspiring, you are so right! Your images today make me happy and think about having a perfect weekend~

Cathi said...

have a lovely weekend yourself...beautiful thoughts and images...thanks!

MODERN Prairie Girl said...

I'm doing my darndest to feng shui that 40th soiree a la Paris...can you imagine? Dog poo on your shoes and all :)