25 October 2009

a give-away!

My dear sweet friend Lori over at Wildflowers is having a wonderful give-away this week to celebrate her 100th post! Her blog is one of those places that I visit each day, and you have to know her to know what a kind, generous, loving soul she is.

The winner of her drawing will receive a gift certificate to The Vintage Pearl~

~you know I need one of these for my boy-loves

Head on over and have a peek - but feel free to donate your prize to me if you win. Really. :)



Lori said...

Kim ~ you know I adore you! You are one of those people I want to put in my pocket and bring you out when I need a lift. I absolutely KNOW not THINK that you need that circle with your boys names on it! I know I said I blame you for sucking me into blog world ~ but I really Thank You from the bottom of my heart. Cheers to you my friend! xo

Blue Muse said...

Happy Sunday, Kim! If I win, it's yours!
xo Isa

MODERN Prairie Girl said...

You totally need one of those circle necklaces. Her stuff is lovely! As are you, my sweet friend.

karey m. said...


you're funny...i always say no no no i can't possibly win take my name out of the running!

in the hopes that the winner would actually choose to give the prize to me.

well, you. you just come right out and say it! i love that...will try your way next time because mine is clearly not working.